Mile Repeats on the Track

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Wednesday, January 16, 2002
Workout: Two perimeters warm-up, 2-200 meter strides, 6-1 mile repeats @ 6:32 pace with 3 minutes rest, 1200 meter cooldown
Time: 37:48 (total), Avg: 6:18/mile Weather: Sunny/warm

When I heard we were running 6 one mile repeats on the track, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. I never liked doing mile repeats especially that many of them. However, Fernando said it was our base training and it was really important to start doing it now. And 6:32 was a relatively easy pace to begin with, so it shouldn’t be that hard in the first place. So warming up, I didn’t feel that scared..

Once again, during the intervals, I felt kind of tired while everybody else was cruising it, feeling fine. I still finished each mile under the pace, which was all I wanted. Even though we were running on pace, it seemed like everybody else was still picking it up and surging every now and then. It was nice when we all ran next to each other and Frank asked if it was last lap. I said, ‘yeah’ all calm and not sounding tired and he said to go all out, so I just kicked for about 20 meters. On the cooldown it was nice just to talk to some other runners and get to know them better.

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