Easy Group Run to Camino

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Friday, January 18, 2002
Workout: Easy to Camino
Time: easy Weather: warm

Coming up, Fernando said he was going to run hard to Duarte, so I tried staying at his fast pace along with some other runners. Then at the golf course, everyone started to packed it up and run in a group, so he decided that we should all run up together easy to Camino. It was pretty fun and easy going up. I remember some time during the run, Fernando told us his experience about missing CIF finals in track by .2 of a second because he got cutt off during the 800.

Coming back on the trail, Fernando told us it was cool to see us (8 guys) running together. It was probably because he always used to do it when he ran in high schoo, but we almost never do it. I liked it too, and I really hated how we never did it before, like during warm-ups, cool-downs, or easy runs. It shouldn’t be that hard. But there always had to be a guy that took off and someone that followed.

Fernando also mentioned that when he ran in packs (back then) they were running at a fast pace, while we were going pretty easy, which is kind of sad. It was messed up when everyone took off at the last mile of the run on the trail. So some people went to the dirt downhill and other stayed up. But it was fun to watch certain runners outkick others at the end too. After all the crazy finishes, we looked back and could still see Fernando going at his easy pace, finally finishing his run. When I saw him, I thought to myself, ‘I should have just stayed with him to relax.’ But it was a fun run overall.

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