Des Moines Trail Run

Posted on May 19, 2010 under Trail | 4 Comments

Happy to say that I survived my first trip to Midwest 🙂 There was some dead time after arriving in Des Moines and dinner with my colleagues, so I thought I’d check out the local trail about a mile away from our hotel. Although it is called Des Moines Trails and runs along this winding river surrounded by forests, it actually is more or less a narrow bike path made for walkers, runners and cyclists alike. However, running in a new environment was definitely exciting and I couldn’t wait to see what I would find during this 9-mile stroll (actually hit 1:10, 7:49 min/mile..not too bad).

West Des Moines Sign
Seems like the West side to any city is the nicer part..

Greenbelt Park - Des Moines Trail

Des Moine Trails

It’s like the scene/view from a movie..

Des Moines River

Got to run along this river the whole way, pretty cool..

Des Moines Trail

Des Moines Trail

There are a lot more greens here in Des Moines than I will ever find in SD..

Des Moines Trail Bench

Random benches found throughout the trail to enjoy ‘the views’..

Des Moines Trail Field

Des Moines Trail Bridge

Des Moines Trail Weeds

Yes, that is a field of dandelions! And there were pieces of these flying into my mouth all through the run!

Des Moines Trail Railroad

Des Moines Trail Deer

And yes, those are deer just hangin’ out, staring at me while I run by. On my way back, I wasn’t paying attention to the road and didn’t even notice one of them scurrying off the trail as I approached it. Could have had a very uncomfortable situation with the deer..

4 Responses to “Des Moines Trail Run”

  1. lindsay Says:

    glad you had a good trip to the great state of iowa! i was wondering if you had found a decent place to run – looks like a nice little trail.

  2. meg Ling Says:

    Wow, that place is so different from SD! I’m glad you got out there to experience some place new!
    How is your RnR training coming along? Goals?

  3. Anne Says:

    We always hear how wonderful it is to run in San Diego, but we also forget how cool it is to run other places too. I love how green and peaceful this place looks in your photos…not to mention pancake flat. Sigh.

  4. Amy Hynek Says:

    If anyone’s up for a different kind of 5K cross-country run, there’s a cool event call Running of the Trees that happens in conjunction with a singer/songwriter music festival, Farmer Song Fest. It’s a race through trees, ditches, and around ponds. Dogs are welcome. Old shoes advised. Awards given for the best farmer and dog costumes. Rain or shine event. Located in Ellston, IA.

    More information at
    Online registration at


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