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Spartan Race & Marriott Rewards Discount Partnership

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Spartan Race & Marriott Rewards

Do you have a hotel of choice when you travel? If you’re a Spartan Race participant (or interested in becoming one), you may want to switch and become a Marriott Rewards member. Spartan Race has partnered up with Marriott Rewards to provide race discounts for new members. Here are some of the perks for joining Marriott Rewards and registering for an upcoming Spartan Race:

  • 20% off races
  • Free VIP bag check
  • $5 off Spartan gear at the races

Once enrolled, points are earned when you stay at any 4,500 participating hotels around the world.

I actually had no idea how many different hotels fall under the Marriott Rewards program, here’s a quick snapshot.

Marriott Rewards

Any time I talk about the Spartan Race, I always tell people that it is one of the toughest races I have competed in, but also one of the most rewarding.

Peace-Love-Run + Yoga Event Preview

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peace-love-runThere are races that happen almost every week across the country, each with their own unique differentiators (scenic course, obstacles, bands, colors, and more). Some are more popular than others. I just wanted to share one that is pretty…hip and groovy (pun intended). The Peace-Love-Run Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Run and Peace Love Yoga events take place in Mission Bay San Diego on April 1, 2017. This 60’s inspired race has distances for runners of all levels, with “go-go girls, hippie chicks, woodstock dudes, Sonny and Cher” all present.

All participants will receive a pretty cool finisher’s medal with a free shirt (tech tee for half marathon and cotton for all other distances). There is also a yoga party with a free yoga mat for all participants of that event. The run and yoga party both take place in Mission Bay, which is quite scenic and peaceful.

Register for the run and/or yoga event today!

Wanderlust 108: Mindful Triathlon Event Preview

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Wanderlust 108 logo

Wanderlust 108 is scheduled to take place again this year. I had the pleasure of experiencing the first ever mindful triathlon at NTC Park a few years ago. The idea is pretty simple, you join other like-minded folks for a 5K run (or walk), followed by a large-scale, outdoor yoga class and then wrap up your morning with a guided meditation led by the world’s top teachers.

What’s new this year is all of the other activities that will take place outside of the main events, including: AIReal Yoga™, Acro Yoga, Hooping, Walking Meditation, Photography Workshop, DJ Academy, Essential Oils 101. There’s also a picnic lunch option called the “Wanderbowl”, a hearty, Mexican inspired vegetarian meal of rice, beans, cheese, avocado and mango-lime-cilantro salsa, plus snacks and a beverage. This is a great idea for people planning to stay the whole day.

The Spring schedule for this year starts on April 1 in New Orleans and wraps up on August 12 in Calgary Canada! Check out the their website to learn more and to register for a mindful triathlon near you!

Wanderlust 108

Spartan Race 2017: New Races & Obstacles!

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It’s been a while since I participated in a Spartan Race. But whenever people see all of the medals that I have earned throughout the years or ask me what is the most difficult/rewarding race I’ve ran, I always tell them Spartan Race…hands down!

In 2017, the Spartan Race is offering season passes for people who already know they are crazy enough to run more than one race. I guess if you know you are shooting to get that trifecta medal, then you might as well purchase this in advance. They are expected to sell out quickly, so if competing (maybe no necessarily finishing) in a Spartan Race is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then I highly recommend you check out the Spartan Race.

If you’d rather avoid dealing with the mud and heat that you will encounter in a typical Spartan Race, you should also check out the 2017 Stadium Races.


Race Report Results: Firecracker 10K, Triton 5K & Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon

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Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville Half Marathon – 4/30/2016

Expected Finish Time – 1:40:00
Actual Finish Time – 1:40:07 (7:39 min/mi)

5K Time – 25:19 (8:09 min/mi)
10K Time – 49:25 (7:58 min/mi)
10mi Time – 1:18:05 (7:49 min/mi)

Age Group Placing – 73/1,027
Gender Placing – 303/6,439
Overall Placing – 389/18,152

Rock 'n' Roll Nashville Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll Nashville Half Marathon

UCSD Triton 5K – 4/10/2016

UCSD Triton 5K

Firecracker 10K – 2/12/2016

Finish Time: 40:41 (6:32 min/mi)

Age Group Placing – 6/235
Gender Placing – 29/1,175
Overall Placing – 32/2,388


Firecracker 10K

Temecula Spartan Race 2016 Super Distance Race Report

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Runners who complete the Spartan Race trifecta will run all 3 distances in one calendar year. I went the unconventional (e.g. easier) route by completing the trifecta across 3 separate years! Training for one Spartan Race a year is tough, I don’t know how people train all year long for these races. It is too physically and mentally draining! I remember telling myself that I would never compete in another Spartan Race after the Beast in Temecula during the ridiculous heat wave in 2014. But I had another entry last year and decided to just do the Sprint, which still wasn’t that easy. And since I had completed those 2 distances already, I really had no choice but to compete in the final Super distance and get that last medal wedge. I mean, what was I going to do with 2/3 of a medal?

I was very pleased with the results for the Spartan Super: ~9 miles, 2:13:23, age group place: 61st, gender: 319, overall: 337. My initial goal was to complete the race in about 2 hours so I was definitely within that range which I’m happy about. Read the rest of this entry »

Winter Track & Field Classic #2 Race Report

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sponsors_usatf3 years ago I decided to run one of these track and field events (the last time I competed in these types of events was in high school 9 years before!). This event was hosted by a local high school, primarily geared toward high school athletes that want to get some practice racing before the track season officially starts in the Spring. But the races are open to the public, so I decided to participate and see what type of speed I still had in me. I must have forgotten what I wrote in my initial race report because it sounds like I had a terrible time! But since that last race, I have been playing indoor soccer almost every week (which involves a lot of sprinting) and recently, been doing high intensity workouts from the Insanity program. I felt like I would run fairly fast this time around, but was still nervous about having to compete against younger, faster high school runners. I really didn’t know how to tackle the races since I haven’t been training for it. I didn’t want to start too fast and tire out for the rest of the race. But I also didn’t want to start too slow and not have enough distance left after picking up the pace. Here are the official results: 800 meters: 2:20:79, 8/16 overall, 1 mile: 5:20:99, 11/18 overall. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well I ran, I was definitely tired during and after each event but ran very smart. Read the rest of this entry »

Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon 2015 Race Report

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It’s been 2 months since I ran this race, but better late than never, right? The Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles half marathon was the final race of the 3-pack Tour Pass that I purchased at the beginning of the year. I had already run 2 other destination races: Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle and Chicago. I actually didn’t want to run this particular race for a number of reasons: I’ve ran this race many times before, it was the weekend before my New Zealand vacation, and I hadn’t been running as often as I would have liked before a half marathon. But I couldn’t find any other race that would fit within my year-end schedule. LA is always a safe bet because it’s my hometown, so I can always make it an excuse to visit the family. And the results weren’t too terrible: 1:37:55 (7:29 min/mile), AG: 38/658, gender: 176/3290, overall: 185/7797.  Read the rest of this entry »

Spartan Race Temecula Sprint Race Report

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spartan race sprintAs mentioned in last year’s race report, I said I wasn’t going to participate in the Spartan Race again. But I had another opportunity to run this race again this year and decided to just do the Sprint, which was a lot more reasonable at 3-5 miles rather than 12+ in last year’s Beast race. Even though this race was a lot shorter, there were still 20 obstacles that we had to complete, compared to the 30 last year. On the website it said that the top participants complete the Sprint in about 40 minutes, so I was hoping to finish my race in about an hour or so. I must have underestimated how long and difficult the obstacles and hills were going to be, but I finished at 1:33:51 but placed 18th in my age group and 111 (out of 5,317) overall for the Sprint race. Read the rest of this entry »

Color Me Rad Race Report & LG Tone Active Review

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I had the opportunity to participate in the Color Me Rad run at the Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, while testing out the new LG Tone Active bluetooth headset. I’ll provide a quick recap of the race with some photos, followed by a more in-depth post about my experience using the headset.  Read the rest of this entry »

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