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Runner (and Non-Runner) Holiday Gift Guide

Posted on Dec 13, 2014 under Reviews | No Comment

This has been an interesting time to be a running blogger. I have been getting a lot of holiday gift guide requests from relevant and completely random companies. I’ve definitely found some products more useful than others, but it was still fun to try new things that I’ve never heard of or would have using unless I was actually sent them. Hopefully some of these last minute gift ideas will be useful.

Running Gear

Plantronics BackBeat FIT








BackBeat FIT, wireless fitness-focused earbuds are ready for any workout fan, and the gift giver can be happy knowing that they offer safety features for outdoor athletes.

I’ve tested quite a few wireless, Bluetooth headsets before and these are hands down, the best ones I’ve used. There are a couple of criteria that make a good pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones: weight, connectivity, usability, battery life, water/sweat resistance. These only weigh 24 grams, are very easy to connect to your device, wrap around the ear so they never fall off while in use and last up to 8 hours with constant audio status alerts of battery life. The most important feature for me is definitely weight and staying in my ears while in use. The Platntronics BackBeat FIT do all of that and more.

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FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge Review

Posted on Nov 21, 2014 under Reviews | No Comment

I still remember the first time I tried FRS, it was in early 2010 after I PRed in my half marathon and had run a near perfect race in Carlsbad. FRS was handing out samples of this energy drink at the vendor booths. I was able to try quite a few flavors and really liked each one. Unfortunately, I was never really able to find them sold in stores so haven’t had it much since then. So when I heard about this campaign, I was more than happy to participate in the Two-10 Discovery Challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

The Marathon Stick Review

Posted on Mar 08, 2010 under Reviews | 6 Comments

An important running accessory that I’ve started using in my daily routine is the Marathon Stick, a very simple and easy-to-use self-massaging tool to help alleviate sore muscles and speed recovery. There is actually a variety of different Sticks that vary in length and firmness depending on a person’s size, muscle density, and pressure preference. The Marathon Stick was the perfect one for me, a runner, and it is named appropriately. “Measuring 20 inches with 10 (1-inch) spindles, this model was made popular by world-class distance runners. Most flexible of the small models, it is preferred for those with lean muscle mass.”

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Sof Sole Insoles & Socks Review

Posted on Mar 06, 2010 under Reviews | 5 Comments

Sof-Sole-LogoI was sent a package of Sof Sole insoles and performance socks many months ago after complaining about how my old running shoes had given me massive blisters after running my first half marathon. They were kind enough to send quite a few products for me to try out, hopefully eliminating any more blister breakouts on my next race. By replacing the worn out, paper-thin insoles on my running shoes and wearing real running socks, I have not experienced any new blisters and it may have also played a vital role in keeping me injury free as well, which is important for all runners. Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: thriv 1st Natural Performance Apparel

Posted on Jan 30, 2010 under Reviews | 1 Comment

I was contacted on behalf of thriv many months ago asking if I was interested in testing out their new and unique fitness apparel brand. It sounds like a new company using a grassroots campaign to get word out on their new products. What sets them apart from other companies is how their apparel is made: eco-friendly bamboo and cotton. Who would have thought that it was possible to wear bamboo? Anyways, the combination of the two creates a natural and light-weight solution as opposed to other synthetic polyesters. The fabric is able to wick sweat a lot better than the mega-giant brand Under Armour and has a higher SPF. It doesn’t hold odor in which is nice and it’s extraordinarily soft, which I can vouch for after washing it numerous times. Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: iSkin DuoBand for iPod Nano 5G

Posted on Jan 30, 2010 under Reviews | No Comment

I was asked to test and review the iSkin DuoBand silicone skin and armband for the iPod 5G, except I didn’t even have a 5G. I do have an iPod 4G, which I got for my birthday (2 months before the new one came about timing). Anyways, when I got the product in the mail, I didn’t know that it was for the 5G and just went ahead and tried it on my iPod.

iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 5G

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Invigorators Compression Socks Review

Posted on Jan 09, 2010 under Reviews | 4 Comments

I was asked from Invigorators to see if I was interested in testing and writing a review of the Invigorators Compression Socks. It was a great opportunity to test out and review different types of compression socks to find the pair that best fit me. I had previously tested and reviewed a pair of Zensah compression socks and was very pleased with the product. When asked to review the Invigorators Compression Socks, I needed to give my height and shoe size. The Invigorators came in a more custom fit, which is very helpful when you want to get the most of out your compression socks.

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10: Running Shoes Review

Posted on Dec 20, 2009 under Reviews | 1 Comment

brooks-adrenaline-gts-10-road-runner-sports-best-updateThe Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 won Runner’s World “Best Update” award in the Winter 2010 Shoe Guide in its December 2009 issue. Read on to find out why..


As part of the Brooks I.D. (Inspire Daily) sponsored athlete program, I am required to race and train in Brooks gear and apparel. But I also enjoy a 40% discount on said products, so it’s a win-win situation for both sides. I was well overdue for a new pair of running shoes (over 500-600 miles on my New Balance 768), so I started to review and look at potential Brooks running shoes to choose next. I had my feet and running form analyzed courtesy of Road Runner Sports and found out I had normal pronation (but feels more like over pronation) and needed a pair of stability shoes. I was deciding between the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 and Trance 9, but when I tried on the Adrenaline 10, I knew I was sold. I didn’t know a pair of running shoes could feel so comfortable! On a side note, my brother had his feet looked at (on a different occasion) and was really interested in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10’s as well. What are the odds? Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: lululemon athletica Tech Tee Shirt & Running Shorts

Posted on Dec 15, 2009 under Reviews | 2 Comments

I was sent a much needed new running wardrobe (a long time ago..) from lululemon athletica to test and review. Before getting the tech tee and running shorts, I would usually wear a plain white (cotton) tee and basketball shorts for all my runs. It actually wasn’t that bad, I didn’t really have any issues with them before. I know other runners sometimes will have issues like chaffing when running longer miles which I can only assume is quite uncomfortable. And as far as running with basketball shorts, I do agree that they were a little on the heavy side and had no safe place to store keys or other personal belongings. I probably could have survived without actual running shorts and a shirt. But these are just little things that can help make a big difference in the long run (literally and figuratively). Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: POM Wonderful, They Really Are

Posted on Oct 19, 2009 under Reviews | 2 Comments

I was sent an awesome care package from POM Wonderful to try out and review some (a lot actually) of their POM products. I’ve actually never tried anything from POM before, probably because it’s more of a luxury item and a little too expensive for me, even though I have always loved pomegrantes. But who is going to give up the chance for complementary POM products, so here goes. Before I get into the review, here is an interesting quote I found from their website. “In China, a picture of a ripe, open pomegranate is a popular wedding present, expressing the wish ‘May you have as many children as there are seeds!’”

POM Wonderful Products

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