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Timex IRONMAN One GPS+ – Running & Fitness Watch Review

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TimexLeave Your Phone Behind.

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have become a very popular and trendy products these days. They all have their own unique features, but for the most part, they allow you to receive messages and notifications on your watch without needing to take your phone out (which the watch is almost always connected to). But the problem with smartwatches is that they’re just an accessory to your smartphone, the watch cannot function without the smartphone nearby. So how did Timex address that issue? Well, they added a cellular radio to their newest fitness watch, the Timex IRONMAN One GPS+ watch. They partnered with AT&T to provide cellular data to their new watch to allow you to communicate with others without needing to be connected to your phone. The fitness watch offers a variety of other useful features which I’ll go into detail below. Read the rest of this entry »

Color Me Rad Race Report & LG Tone Active Review

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I had the opportunity to participate in the Color Me Rad run at the Marine Corps Air Station in San Diego, while testing out the new LG Tone Active bluetooth headset. I’ll provide a quick recap of the race with some photos, followed by a more in-depth post about my experience using the headset.  Read the rest of this entry »

Puma Ignite Running Shoe, T-Shirt & Shorts Review

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I still remember wearing my first pair of Puma shoes back in high school. I forget the model name, but I believe they were just a regular pair of sneakers that I wear to school almost every day. They were pretty comfortable, but definitely lacked enough support to use as running shoes (although, I do recall a few times where I did use them that way as I was running to class to avoid the tardy bell). I don’t even know if Puma made running shoes back then. But they do now, with this new Ignite collection. When I heard about it, I was skeptical since not all shoe companies can just up and be a running shoe company. There is a lot of research and testing involved to ensure you have a solid product that can last miles and miles of running that people put through their usual running shoes. But given their solid track record with soccer shoes and just regular sneakers, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give them a chance.

Puma Ignite Running Shoes

I went on an easy run with the Puma Ignite running shoes, along with their cool graphic t-shirt and mixed statement shorts. The first thing I noticed was that these shoes had much more support than I was used to in Puma shoes, which is really important for running shoes. I was able to get into a comfortable stride and go for 3 miles on the road without any issues. The shirt was light and also very comfortable and was able to wick my sweat quite easily. The shorts were the same as well, but the waistband took a while to get used to. It reminded me of a pair of boxing shorts! But they were light and included pockets which is a huge plus in my book. Read the rest of this entry »

First Long Run in the Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 Running Shoes

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Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 running shoesAfter coming in to my local Road Runner Sports for their free gait test analysis, I was able to find a running shoe that accommodated my running form, providing just the right amount of support I needed in a shoe. You can read about the entire Shoe Dog process here, I highly recommend both beginning and new runners to try it out. As I mentioned in the post, I was previously recommended stability shoes, but when I came in this time, was told I should run in neutral running shoes. Had I not gone in and taken the gait analysis, I would have just picked another pair of stability shoes! Read the rest of this entry »

IceSleeves Compression Sleeves Review

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Although being part of the cross country team was one of my favorite things about high school, I did have more injuries while on the team compared to any other period in my life! Non-runners used to joke that cross country wasn’t a sport, that you ‘just run’. But there was so much more to it than what people saw on the surface. Although runners were running for personal improvements and PRs, it was still a team sport and if you were one of the top runners in your division, you had to work together as a team to defeat the opponents. I think I had my first running injury as early as one month into joining the team. Looking back now, I probably have my shoes to blame. But remember getting the early signs of shin splints in that summer. I would spend time everyday after practice icing my shins. The injury got so bad that I would have trouble putting pants on because it hurt so much to stand on the leg with shin splints! The thing is, I never rested like I probably should have (during practice or races). Since high school, I haven’t really had any major injuries, although I have gotten pretty beat up planing soccer in our adult league.

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Runner (and Non-Runner) Holiday Gift Guide

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This has been an interesting time to be a running blogger. I have been getting a lot of holiday gift guide requests from relevant and completely random companies. I’ve definitely found some products more useful than others, but it was still fun to try new things that I’ve never heard of or would have using unless I was actually sent them. Hopefully some of these last minute gift ideas will be useful.

Running Gear

Plantronics BackBeat FIT








BackBeat FIT, wireless fitness-focused earbuds are ready for any workout fan, and the gift giver can be happy knowing that they offer safety features for outdoor athletes.

I’ve tested quite a few wireless, Bluetooth headsets before and these are hands down, the best ones I’ve used. There are a couple of criteria that make a good pair of wireless, Bluetooth headphones: weight, connectivity, usability, battery life, water/sweat resistance. These only weigh 24 grams, are very easy to connect to your device, wrap around the ear so they never fall off while in use and last up to 8 hours with constant audio status alerts of battery life. The most important feature for me is definitely weight and staying in my ears while in use. The Platntronics BackBeat FIT do all of that and more.

Buy now on Amazon. Read the rest of this entry »

FRS Two-10 Discovery Challenge Review

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I still remember the first time I tried FRS, it was in early 2010 after I PRed in my half marathon and had run a near perfect race in Carlsbad. FRS was handing out samples of this energy drink at the vendor booths. I was able to try quite a few flavors and really liked each one. Unfortunately, I was never really able to find them sold in stores so haven’t had it much since then. So when I heard about this campaign, I was more than happy to participate in the Two-10 Discovery Challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

The Marathon Stick Review

Posted on Mar 08, 2010 under Reviews | 6 Comments

An important running accessory that I’ve started using in my daily routine is the Marathon Stick, a very simple and easy-to-use self-massaging tool to help alleviate sore muscles and speed recovery. There is actually a variety of different Sticks that vary in length and firmness depending on a person’s size, muscle density, and pressure preference. The Marathon Stick was the perfect one for me, a runner, and it is named appropriately. “Measuring 20 inches with 10 (1-inch) spindles, this model was made popular by world-class distance runners. Most flexible of the small models, it is preferred for those with lean muscle mass.”

the-marathon-stick Read the rest of this entry »

Sof Sole Insoles & Socks Review

Posted on Mar 06, 2010 under Reviews | 5 Comments

Sof-Sole-LogoI was sent a package of Sof Sole insoles and performance socks many months ago after complaining about how my old running shoes had given me massive blisters after running my first half marathon. They were kind enough to send quite a few products for me to try out, hopefully eliminating any more blister breakouts on my next race. By replacing the worn out, paper-thin insoles on my running shoes and wearing real running socks, I have not experienced any new blisters and it may have also played a vital role in keeping me injury free as well, which is important for all runners. Read the rest of this entry »

Product Review: thriv 1st Natural Performance Apparel

Posted on Jan 30, 2010 under Reviews | 1 Comment

I was contacted on behalf of thriv many months ago asking if I was interested in testing out their new and unique fitness apparel brand. It sounds like a new company using a grassroots campaign to get word out on their new products. What sets them apart from other companies is how their apparel is made: eco-friendly bamboo and cotton. Who would have thought that it was possible to wear bamboo? Anyways, the combination of the two creates a natural and light-weight solution as opposed to other synthetic polyesters. The fabric is able to wick sweat a lot better than the mega-giant brand Under Armour and has a higher SPF. It doesn’t hold odor in which is nice and it’s extraordinarily soft, which I can vouch for after washing it numerous times. Read the rest of this entry »

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