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This is technically my high school blog about running and racing in Cross Country and Track & Field. Except, I am over 6 years behind on this thing. That is, sometime in my junior year of high school, my coach, told us to keep a running log/journal of our runs; just a quick summary of the run and how we felt. And even though this was not a mandatory thing, I did it (very diligently, in fact). I was getting to the point where I was really into running, so I thought it’d be fun to read about it later on. I have a few times afterwards, but it kind of gets boring. So I thought I’d try and share it to others and see if they get a kick out of it.

Now even though these are from about 6 years ago, it’ll be new to you and I plan to add other posts in between about races that I remember, non-running events (even though running was my life at the time), and training tips and knowledge that will try to present in a informative manner. I hope everyone enjoys reading this blog as this will be my first attempt to maintain a blog on a daily manner, well almost daily.

Update 5.4.2009: I have been running at least 3-4 times a week for the past couple of weeks conditioning myself to maybe run a race again. It’s been over 6 years since I ran a race and although those were some of the most nerve-racking times of my life, I really do miss them. On a semi-daily basis, I read other people’s running blogs about how they just ran a marathon the other day and how they’re training for their next one.

I have heard how difficult running a marathon is, and I know that I am nowhere near the shape I would need to be to run a full marathon. I want to just take baby steps and just doing a 5K (since the most miles I did race in high school was 3 miles). Hopefully I will be able to complete that and move on from there.

I may generate ad income and accept advertising/ads and links on my blog (to help pay for running gear and races!).

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