i Am Brand T-Shirts – Not Your Average Shirt


I have a lot of t-shirts from races I have ran. Bigger races give nicer technical tees, which I do not mind wearing. But some of the smaller ones will just give plain old cotton t-shirts which are the most uncomfortable shirts to wear! Even though I want to show off a particular race I’ve participated in, I can’t stand wearing cotton shirts. I do have a few ‘vintage’ t-shirts which so much more comfortable to wear, it’s like they’ve been pre-washed multiple times before, which just gives it this nice feeling on the skin.

There are many different t-shirt sites online with pricing that are pretty similar to each other. i Am T-Shirts is a little bit different in the way they make their shirts. First off, they use extremely soft tri-blend vintage t-shirts (I believe from American Apparel). Designs are dyed into the fabric. I’m not actually sure how that works, but I do know I have shirts that feel like the design had literally been glued or ironed onto the shirt. The shirts are also hand printed to order in the USA, which is rare these days. Materials used to make each shirt include 100% Eco-friendly inks and chemicals. Check out these hilarious running shirts I got from i Am. I just found the new shirts I’ll be wearing on casual Fridays!

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2013-07-28 00.19.50

2013-07-28 00.21.56

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