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2012 Recap and What’s New in 2013

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If you look back at my 2012 workout summary from DailyMile, you’ll see that there was a huge drop off in runs and rides for the 2nd half of the year. But what isn’t noted in that report is all the time I spent at the gym once I moved to my new office in July. And San Diego was ridiculously cold this winter which made getting out to run and ride a lot hard than before (but I can’t complain, it rarely rained and of course never snowed).

dailymile 2012

From a competition standpoint, I actually ran the most races in 2012 than the previous 2.5 years of running that I’ve done. I ran 15 races in 2012, up 1 from 2011 and a few more than the previous years. I suppose that means I should compete in (at least) 16 races in 2013, we’ll see if that happens.

I’m actually on pace to compete in 16 races as you’ll see below. Since I haven’t been and don’t plan to run as much again this year, I’m trying to stay away from half and full marathons and stick to shorter trail races instead. They’re cheaper, more scenic and in some cases even tougher than a half or full.

Here is a list of races I have already registered for this year, including this random fitness test tomorrow morning!

Taiwan Vacation 2011 & Taipei Zoo 13K Run

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It’s been a little over 2 weeks since I came back from Taiwan, but I didn’t have to wait that long to realize that I want to go back already. It was my first time traveling outside of the country but hopefully won’t be my last. Although the trip was a personal trip, 2 of my brother’s friends and I actually met up with my brother who had already been in Taiwan for a week now, and ran a race together, the New Balance Taipei Zoo 13K Run. So this photo post will be mostly vacation pics, but a few from the race.

Check out the full album on my Flickr. Read the rest of this entry »

(Lack of) Running Updates

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Believe it or not, I am still alive. But I’m barely getting by without much running these days. I’ve been super busy with work and other things, I just haven’t had time (or found myself too tired or unmotivated) to run in the mornings. I’m lucky if I can get 1 or 2 runs in a week now. Flash back to a year or two ago when I was doing 6 or 7 runs a week, that’s a big difference. The good thing is that I’m still racing, I just haven’t had the time to actually post about it. But I did just come back from a near-week long trip to New York and had some time to kill at the airport and plane ride. So I was able to write up (as well as I could remember) the race reports for my last 3 races. Although most of it is typed out, for some reason formatting and touching up always takes longer than I expect. So I am going to post the oldest race report first and see when I have time to post the rest.

Alive & Running (Sort of)

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I’ve been pretty AWOL on the blog lately, something I’m not too proud of. I took about a week off after my last half marathon in mid-November and then Thanksgiving came around and I ran a local turkey trot, which went OK (just not race report-worthy). But things went downhill after that. Holidays were coming, so I stopped running everyday because I wanted to make sure I got all my work done before taking some time off around Christmas and New Year’s. But because I didn’t run as consistently in December, I actually sold my race bib for my next race: my 2nd marathon at the end of January. I knew I wouldn’t have been prepared to run a full marathon (half, maybe..) January was pretty much the same story. The good news is that I’ve been biking to work at least once or twice a week in addition to my rare runs. And I just got over a cold/flu but finally got in two consecutive runs in a row, which was quite a feat.

As far as races go, I’m still scheduled to run a 10K in the middle of February. I actually signed up for that race because my brother had been running it for the past couple of years and this will be the first time I ever run in the same race as him (we both ran in high school, but he graduated right after I joined and he was always faster than me). There are a bunch of old high school alumni that will be running it, so it’s a pretty big race. It’s sad because when I registered for this race, I was still in pretty good shape so I felt confident I would run well. Now, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to compete, let alone finish!

My cousin also decided to run his first marathon, so we both signed up for the LA Marathon last week. The day we both registered, there was only about 53 days left until race day. That’s definitely pushing it as far as training time goes, but I think I should be able to at least get into semi-marathon condition. My cousin, who has never even raced a 5K before, will be in for some hurtin’, I just hope he finishes it (which is his goal).

Hopefully, I’ll go back to a more consistent running schedule, get back into the blog again and maybe even start following the other blogs I used to read before too. We’ll see what happens!

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Pressures of Racing

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I’m sitting here, a little over 24 hours before my half marathon, reading about race information I need to know so that I don’t have to worry about something as trivial as logistics before the big day. But what I should really be doing is focusing on the upcoming race. Unlike many other runners that I’ve known or read about in blogs, I get pretty tense around race day. The pressure just seems to build up, and it’s always been like this even back in high school running cross country and track. Before and during each meet, I would see my teammates joking around having fun, while I’m sitting down, listening to my CD-Player (iPod not invented yet!) trying to concentrate on the upcoming race. Maybe it’s because I was never as talented as them or they just didn’t care as much as I did about doing well. But the truth of the matter is, that’s just the type of person I’ve always been. Even for other things like tests, I would always be nervous and not want to do anything ‘fun’ until I got the test over with first. It’s sort of like that saying, ‘work now, play later’.

I think when other people know about your race, it just to add to that pressure. I never talked to my old boss that often, but one day he asked me what I was doing for the weekend. Other than races and visits back home, I never have anything eventful planned. But my boss happened to ask the week before my first half marathon, so I told him. He wasn’t necessarily a runner, but he had ran a marathon the year before and he did work out pretty often. So knowing that my boss knew about the race and would most likely ask how I did made me feel pressured to do well. The same for my upcoming race. I just found out one of my new co-workers is a frequent runner and was training for her first marathon, got injured but still managed to run a half while training for the full. So the Friday before my race, out of nowhere she asks me when my next race was. I mean, what are the odds? So I’ll be going into the race with more pressure than I would have wanted.

That’s why when I read about runners who ‘had so much fun’ at race xyz, I’m thinking, ‘Really? Was it really that fun running so hard, being so tired?’. But I think that’s just the pessimist in me thinking out loud. Or else, why would I keep doing it? Why put yourself through so much pain for months at a time all for one moment, one event, which itself is no picnic? Because I can. And I will keep doing it until my legs give out. End. Rant.

Update: Apparently the pressure didn’t get to me and I rocked my Half marathon the next day, 1:28:53, 6th AG, 102 Overall. Full race report of the Carlsbad Half Marathon.

2009 Year End Report & Half Marathon Training Update

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Welcome to 2010, runners! I hope everybody had a safe/fun holiday the past couple of weeks. For me, it was filled with lots of driving, eating, visiting family, lounging around and a little bit of running on the side. My half marathon was in mid-November and my next one is in late January, which meant I was supposed to start my 10-week training right after that half.


My 2009 year end report according to DailyMile.

I took a couple of days off to recover from my half and then didn’t really follow any training plan after that. I have been trying to continue to run so that I didn’t get out of shape and maybe even run more miles to build up my base. What I learned from my first half is that I definitely have the speed, but not the endurance. To compensate for that, I have been trying to run more miles than I did from my last training. One way to help is by running 7 days a week, instead of 6. Another thing I did was just have a regular run instead of intervals since that is usually 3-4 miles total. Read the rest of this entry »

Runners I Met And Liked

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Runners_99I was contacted by an editor from Archie Grand, a notebook publishing company in Sweden. From his email, it sounded like he used to be a runner, but now with three kids (and probably many years later), he doesn’t run much anymore. As a thank you, he offered to send me one of his notebooks, Runners I Met And Liked. It was a very nice gesture and like always, I am very thankful for it. If you go to the site, you’ll see that they make these small notebooks with random “[type of person] I Met and Liked” notebooks. These are pretty nice notebooks: the paper is really thick and the binding and cover is very sturdy and smooth. But it’s so nice; I don’t want to waste the pages on just anything. I used to have a notebook to write down my runs, but then went digital and posted them online. Also during my first half training, I wrote down some of my splits during intervals. I’m still thinking about what would be the best use of this really cool notebook.

Runners I Met And Liked

Writing about this book gave me the idea to talk about running in 2009. I ran for a short time in 2008, but it just got too hard and I wasn’t really motivated or had much support. I tried again early this year and was on a running forum and someone mentioned a website where you can post your runs and talk to other runners. Runners on DailyMile were very supportive and provided me with that bit of motivation needed to keep me running. That, integrated with Twitter really got me into running and racing for the first time in years helped push me over the top. Since then, I have ran 3 5K’s (including an AG win), a 10K and my very first half marathon. That half marathon was my greatest achievement to date; I never thought I would be able to race that many miles. With that under my belt, I know that a full marathon is just around the corner (Rock n’ Roll San Diego). I have quite a few half marathons planned throughout 2010, admission into the Brooks I.D. program and like I just said, my first full marathon.

I’m not necessarily going to name runners that I met and liked, mostly because I haven’t really met any runners, per se. I have gotten to know, received support, and talked to many runners in 2009 from: DailyMile, Twitter, blogs, forums, and I probably wouldn’t still be running today if it weren’t for all of the people from these great places. I have also received many running products from some generous companies for me to test and review. Although that is very nice of these companies, I have to say that getting to know all the runners is the best gift I can ask for. I feel very thankful this holiday season; I know not everyone can say the same. It has been a very tough year (economically) with so much happening around the world; you’d think it’d never stop. 2010 is a new decade, which can mean many things: a new year, new job, new running season and just a fresh start all-around. Hopefully everyone enjoys their Christmas and New Years to get 2010 started off right.

Keep on running!!


Running Quotes

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I’ve always wanted to create a running quotes page (link also on the top of the blog..), but just never had the time to find all the good ones and compile into one list, and I still don’t.

After my first year of running cross country, I had one of the senior XC captains (also a friend of my older brother) sign my yearbook. What he said was pretty encouraging and got me to train really hard that summer and improve that very next cross country season.

My old high school cross country coach did this thing at the end of the season where he got a picture of each of the runners from a race, wrote something about that runner, framed it and gave them as gifts during our cross country banquet. And behind that frame, he wrote a more personal note that only the runner got to read, I decided to share what my coach said to me.

I’m hoping I could think of more of these types of quotes, if not, at least put up some other ones that I remember from high school cross country or even now. I do get daily running quotes from Runner’s World, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Maybe this will help encourage others to either start running again or continue to train and work hard at whatever they’re trying to achieve.

If I had a Career as a Runner

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This is what my business card would look like if running was my job.

This is what my business card would look like if running was my job.

If running really was a job that I got paid for doing rather than just a hobby/obsession that I do on the side of my actual job, then I would be able to do all the things that professional athletes and coaches suggest to do as a runner. What I mean is, there is so much great advice from other runners and articles in magazines and online that will give you tips on how to be a better runner, but who really has the time to do all of that? From what I have read from runners on twitter, DailyMile and on blogs, it does seem like a fair amount of people do dedicate a lot of time to running, but for others (like myself), it’s hard to be able to follow through on all of the great advice that other runners provide. With that being said, if I actually got paid to run and could focus on it 24/7, I would do/focus all of the following:

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Where are all your Race Medals?

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When my brother was in high school cross country, he would always show off his medals to my mom after his races. He had a little section in our room where he put all of his medals and trophies. When I ran a couple of years later, I didn’t get as many as him, but won my fair share of medals and trophies. They were all fun to get at the time and we kept them around the room, but after a while, we just decided to put the past behind us and store them away. When I visited my parents in LA not that long ago, I decided take a look at where all of the medals we have accumulated over our combined 6 years of running high school cross country and track. I didn’t bother with the trophies which are stored in some attic-like place in our room. Read the rest of this entry »

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