Drug Testing Employees

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Choosing whether to drug test your employees is an important step in any company, large or small. There are benefits and drawbacks to drug testing, both of which should be explored in depth. Understanding how a drug testing program will affect your business is key to making the right choice.

Why Drug Test?

Drug use in the workplace can have a number of repercussions and create an environment that is hazardous for everyone. If there are employees in your company who are using drugs, they can cause equipment malfunctions, slow down productivity and bring down staff morale. They may be more likely to steal company property in order to feed their drug habits. Having employees in your workplace who are addicted to drugs can cause liability issues that can derail your company’s operations.

Drug Test Considerations

If you are going to drug test, it is vital that you create a written policy for the program. Inform potential hires and existing staff that they will be subjected to a drug test as a condition of employment. Make sure that you drug test every employee to avoid the appearance of unfairness.

You can either drug test on site or hire an outside vendor to conduct the testing. You can easily test in the workplace using urine reagent strips that deliver instant results. Test during the hiring process and any time there is a serious safety incident in your company.

When it comes to instituting drug testing at your company, creating a plan that works is the best way to ensure the best results.


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