Volleyball or Running Shoes

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Volleyball is a unique sport that has different movements than that of tennis, football, or basketball. As an athlete, you need the right equipment that keeps you safe on the court while giving you freedom of movement. Volleyball shoes are designed for the volleyball athlete. When you understand what makes them different than running shoes or cross trainers, you’ll have a better idea of what to look for when you’re shopping. Even though the shoes look similar, there are many differences in the design.

Soles and Midsoles

Running shoes are made with different material than volleyball shoes, because they are generally worn outside. Volleyball shoes have a sole made of a soft rubber that provides better traction on the court. It’s much softer than a running shoe, so you don’t want to wear your volleyball shoes outside on abrasive surfaces, because the sole would wear down quicker.

The midsole is the layer between the bottom of the shoe and the inside of the shoe. Volleyball shoes are designed to give a lot of support on the ball of your foot, where you spend a lot of time. This provides safety, support, and cushion for shock absorption and less risk of an injury. Regular tennis shoes provide different support, because they are designed for different motions.

Weight of the Shoe

You probably don’t think a few ounces of weight on your feet would make a big difference in your game. However, a lighter weight shoe improves your agility on the court. The materials used are still sturdy enough to provide the support you need during a game, but they won’t weigh you down as much. Try a pair of volleyball shoes from All Volleyball for one season and see how much different you play.

The Cost Difference

An athlete who plays one game a week and practices five days a week needs the right equipment for the game. The price of high quality volleyball shoes is not much different from the price of a high quality running shoe. The big difference is in the safety features. When you have the right support for your foot, you’re less likely to injure it. Volleyball shoes provide ankle stability, which also decreases the risk of injury.

How Should the Shoe Fit?

When purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes, you want your shoes to move with your feet, but you don’t want wiggle room inside the shoe. Think snug, but not tight. There should be less than a finger width between the top of the shoe and your toes. Get the right equipment to play the sport you love when you shop at All Volleyball.


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