How to Feel Your Best

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Between work, school, family and friends, everyone can feel low at times. The world is a stressful place, but there are some solutions to brighten the mood. A positive attitude with key lifestyle changes allows you to feel your best.

Move That Body

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to feel good about your body and mind. It’s well known that favorable hormones are released during exercise. Take a walk each day for 30 minutes to feel a change in mood. You’ll notice a surge of good feelings during and immediately after the workout. Try different activities to vary the exercise. You might find a new hobby with health as a beneficial side effect.

Concentrate on Internal Chemistry

Everyone has varying internal chemistry based on genetics and environment. You could take a supplement, such as TravaCor, to add beneficial vitamins and amino acids. When your body is deficient in certain vitamins, it responds with poor functioning. A happy mood and healthy body can be balanced with the addition of supplemental nutrition. You may want to confer with a doctor before starting a supplement regimen to verify that allergies or side effects won’t be an issue.

Add Fruits and Vegetables to Meals

It’s much easier to pick up a quick meal at a fast food restaurant, but this habit doesn’t support a positive mood. Instead of grabbing a convenient meal, keep simple fruits handy for those hungry moments. Bananas, apples and oranges are all natural mood enhancers that give you a healthy body as a side effect. Steam or saute vegetables with that lunch or dinner too, creating a healthy meal with vitamins and minerals boosting mood.

Get Social

A good laugh with family and friends is an instant mood boost, so get social. Meet friends after work or go online with numerous friends across social media. Exchanging ideas allows you to exercise your mind while producing good hormones as a result. Social interaction is meant to entertain while educating too. Discuss serious matters, but also move on to everyday topics, including recent movies or family events. Your mood will improve while benefiting others with interesting conversation.

Never be afraid to seek professional help if you continue to feel down. There could be a medical reason for the low spirits. General practitioners and even psychiatrists can be helpful resources to bring you back to a happier place.


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