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An important running accessory that I’ve started using in my daily routine is the Marathon Stick, a very simple and easy-to-use self-massaging tool to help alleviate sore muscles and speed recovery. There is actually a variety of different Sticks that vary in length and firmness depending on a person’s size, muscle density, and pressure preference. The Marathon Stick was the perfect one for me, a runner, and it is named appropriately. “Measuring 20 inches with 10 (1-inch) spindles, this model was made popular by world-class distance runners. Most flexible of the small models, it is preferred for those with lean muscle mass.”



The Marathon Stick really helps in getting rid of those annoying knots in your muscles that you sometimes get after a race or hard workout. It targets those trigger points in your muscles, removes excess lactic acid build-up and reduces pain all through this self-massage process. In addition, The Stick eliminates tightness, allows blood and nutrients to flow properly throughout your body and actually stretches and heals the muscles faster, increasing your overall performance by delaying the time needed to rest because of unwanted soreness.


The Marathon Stick is very light and portable, allowing you to bring it with you while traveling for a race or business trip. This means that you can use it any moment it’s necessary. It is a very versatile tool, which can be worked on almost all muscle groups. Because of these features, the price makes The Stick worth it if you consider how much just one session with a masseuse will cost. And if The Stick really does last a lifetime, then it’s definitely worth it!

Where to Use

It worked out that when I first got the Marathon Stick in the mail, I had completed a nice little hill workout as well as another night of basketball, which always gets me sore. My favorite muscles to use it on have been my quads/hamstrings and glutes, but essentially, the Marathon Stick can be used on all parts of your body including:

  • Feet
  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Neck

How to Use

In addition to using the Marathon Stick after a workout, it actually helps to use it before as well to help loosen up any tight muscles. A typical warm-up for healthy muscle tissue is about 20 progressively deeper passes over each muscle group (about 30 seconds per area). The website offers lots of tips and advice on where and how to use The Stick.


I have heard on more than one occasion how people just use a rolling pin to help alleviate sore muscles. I personally have not used it, but knowing how a rolling pin works, I can compare that with the Marathon Stick. The Stick actually bends and contorts to the shape of your body and muscles, helping really target those knots and sore sports. A rolling pin would have a lot harder time doing that in my opinion.

When I was asking runners about The Stick, a few mentioned that they prefer foam rollers instead. Like the rolling pin, I may not have tried this product, but there is one thing I can say about it. It probably isn’t as easy to use the foam roller as it is to use The Stick. I’ve seen pictures of people using the foam rollers and it looks like you always have to keep the foam roller on the floor and roll your body against it. With The Stick, you can be standing or sitting and use it wherever you feel comfortable. I’d definitely like to try out these other two products just to see for myself though.

Final Thought

The Stick has been used by professional athletes all around the world, been tested in many studies and written about in numerous publications. Phil Jackson, Head Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers has been quoted: “I would recommend The Stick to all athletes.” If the Zen Master himself endorses The Stick, then it must be worth trying, right?

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6 Responses to “The Marathon Stick Review”

  1. Nobel4Lit Says:

    I’ve used both The Stick and the foam roller (not the rolling pin, though) at the gym. I think they are two completely different animals… I definitely reach deeper with the foam roller because I am putting my mucho grande weight on it. The Stick is better for when you’re trying to reach soreness closer to the skin and in small crevasses that foam rollers can’t reach. That’s just my opinion, though. I think if I had to get one, I’d get The Stick because of its portability.

  2. GaryB Says:

    Nice review.

    Only thing I would add is that the Marathon Stick is actually one of the most flexible model sold by the company. (RPI of Atlanta). The most popular model is actually the Sprinter Stick. It’s $3 more, it’s more firm, same length but goes much deeper with the same effort by the user. We used to carry a few models in the running store I work at and when the customer go to compare each model they chose the Sprinter almost everytime.

  3. Phil Says:

    Hi thanks for posting a comment over at my place 🙂 i will ad you to my blogroll. Looks like a nice blog 🙂

  4. Ken Zelez Says:

    Hi Phong. Great review of The Marathon Stick. You really have captured the essence of what this amazing tool can do. If any of your readers are in Alberta, Canada….we distribute The Stick!

  5. raymond Says:

    i’m looking to get one soon!


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