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Sof-Sole-LogoI was sent a package of Sof Sole insoles and performance socks many months ago after complaining about how my old running shoes had given me massive blisters after running my first half marathon. They were kind enough to send quite a few products for me to try out, hopefully eliminating any more blister breakouts on my next race. By replacing the worn out, paper-thin insoles on my running shoes and wearing real running socks, I have not experienced any new blisters and it may have also played a vital role in keeping me injury free as well, which is important for all runners.

I’ve only had the opportunity to use the Sof Sole Athlete™ Insoles, but have been very happy with it so far. When I first took out my old insoles, I was skeptical that it would even fit in the first place since the insoles were made to fit a range of shoe sizes. But once I removed the current insoles in my running shoes (which were very light because it was so worn out, and very beat up), I was able to slip the insoles in quite easily. The bottom of the Sof Sole insoles is made of this gel that (in addition to other features) keeps the insole from slipping around your shoe. With the first use, I definitely noticed a difference in comfort and support. Knowing that I had the protection I needed for my feet was very reassuring and allowed me to run worry-free and just enjoy the run.

I have never thought twice about how certain socks affects a runner, so I had always just worn the cheapest ones I could find at Walmart or Target. But after getting all of those blisters from my race, I felt that it was definitely time for a change. The Sof Sole performance socks that I received were the CoolMax Runner and Anti-Friction running socks. Both pairs were definitely more comfortable than the ones I had been running with before. The mesh venting at the top of the socks allows the feet to breathe and helps wick moisture as well. Washing the socks brings the sock back to the original shape that it was when I first wore them and still provides the same comfort and protection for me on my run. The pricing for these performance socks aren’t too bad and whatever extra I would have had to pay for these socks instead of the cheap ones are worth it if it will keep blisters off my feet!

The following is additional information about the Sof Sole insoles and performance socks found directly on the website.

All Sof Sole performance insoles reduce foot pain with unsurpassed technical features including:

  • Full-foot IMPLUS foam sock absorption
  • Hydrologix™ moisture management system
  • Anti-microbial odor protection
  • One year warranty

Sof Sole Athlete™ Insoles


The Sof Sole Athlete™ Insoles is quite simply the finest cushioning insole available. The Athlete features a neutral foot position perfect for most foot types and adds additional gel cushioning in the heel and forefoot. Built with our exclusive IMPLUS® foam, the Athlete provides superior shock absorption without bulk.

  • Gel heel and forefoot protection – parts of your feet absorbing the most impact do not get worn down.
  • Hydrologix™ moisture management system – keeps athlete’s feet dry, preventing bacteria and blisters.
  • Max cushioning – for longer lasting protection during high-impact activities.
  • Medium arch

Sof Sole Airr® Insoles


The Sof Sole Airr® insole is the first insole to combine an air cushioning system with moisture control technology. The Airr features an encapsulated air chamber for maximum cushioning and Coolmax top cover to provide climate control for the surface of your foot. Simply put, the Sof Sole Airr is the best performance insole available.

  • Air chambers in heel and arch provide exceptional comfort while maximizing shock absorption
  • Coolmax® fabric cover absorbs moisture and provides breathability for climate control
  • Polymer gel forefoot cushioning

Sof Sole Custom™ Insoles


Completely moldable performance insole that provides personalized fit for spectacular performance comfort. Orthotic wearers and foot pain suffers alike can benefit from the support and cushioning offered by a customized fit. You simply heat it in the oven for a few minutes, place it in your shoe, then step in your shoe. The result is a customized fit with cushioning and support right where you need it!

Sof Sole Coolmax Runner Socks

Fine-knit, medium weight performance socks with Coolmax to wick away moisture to keep feet dry.

  • Deep heel pocket
  • Seamless toe
  • Banded instep
  • Mesh venting for breathability

Sof Sole Anti-Friction Socks

The Anti-Friction sock is designed to inherently limit motion of the sock on the foot. Selective bottom cushioning feels like a cushion sock with the low profile design of a sock liner. Integrated arch support and seamless toes make the Anti-Friction the most comfortable sock ever.

5 Responses to “Sof Sole Insoles & Socks Review”

  1. Anne Says:

    Someone from the company contacted me a few months ago too but never followed through after I sent them information. Pity, because it sounds like I would have been able to provide a favorable review of their product. I could use some good cushioning to extend my shoes – and feet and legs and hips — a little longer.

  2. Linda Says:

    I was JUST looking at Sof Soles in a Finish Line store this past weekend, and I wasn’t sure if it was necessary to get one. Thanks for the review though, I think I might reconsider now! The only thing I was wondering though is how often will the insoles need to be replaced?

  3. Sof Sole Services Says:


    I am deeply sorry that your package was overlooked and I have sent you an e-mail regarding product testing.


    The “life” of our insoles depends on several factors that vary by runner. However, all Sof Sole insoles have a full one-year warranty, so if they wear out within a year we will replace them for free. I hope this helps. Please e-mail me ( if you have any other concerns.



  4. Kathy Mechanic Says:

    I have a pair of Sof Sole inserts that are about a year and a half old. I absolutely love them but cannot find any more like them. I’m told they’re not made any more. I’m hoping you might have some laying around in a stockroom somewhere.

    The insoles I have are blue on top and bright yellow on the bottom (women’s insoles). It’s a full-length insole. These particular insoles are the kind that you put in the oven for a short time, then put them in your shoe and put your shoes on. My feet felt WONDERFUL the first time I wore them — and every time thereafter. In fact, at the end of a long run, I realized that I hadn’t thought about my feet even once during the whole run — an obvious indication that these were the PERFECT insoles for me!

    Unfortunately, these insoles are now more than a year old so they need to be replaced. I can’t find any more like them and no other inserts I’ve tried are as good as these, including other Sof Sole inserts models.

    If you can find any of these older model insoles in stock somewhere, I would be delighted to buy them! Thank you for your help. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    – Kathy Mechanic

  5. Insoles Says:

    Insoles are customized inserts that contour to a specific foot-type. They provide extra cushion and arch support, which can reduce pain, protect against injury, and enhance performance. Insoles normally provide good arch support and can assist with biomechanics in people who need motion control. A good insole will be shock absorbing for additional comfort.Sof Sole Insoles are really gud to use..have all the benfits..required as per your need..

    Shoes and Insoles


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