Trail Run to The End…And Back

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Sunday, January 13, 2002
Workout: Warmup to Live Oak, Hard to The End and back to Live Oak, Cooldown Live Oak (Total 9 miles)
Time: 51:33 Weather: cold, then sunny

Today’s run on the trail was the first one since Wednesday, so I didn’t know if the three days off would kill me or help me run even faster. So we came in the morning and everybody came except Fernando. He came to the trail late, but was in street clothes. He said he had to be somewhere so he would run later on in the day. But before he left, we just stood in a small circle just talking and telling jokes. We finally started running and warmed up to Live Oak. After stretching at Live Oak, we took off, and as we started running, Frank was going kind of slow (as a joke), so I passed him..So I was leading the run for a while. But coming up to the end, it was Frank, Ha, then me. But at Huntington, I was able to pass Ha going under the bridge. But later on, he caught up to me, so I surged a little. He finally caught me at the Park and by then I was pretty tired from all the surging. The gap between us was getting larger and larger.

On the way back, I was able to see him a little, but barely and then finally, nothing. So for the rest of the run, there was no one in front of me, and the trees to the left and right of me created this tunnel looking trail, which looked pretty cool. But at one point during the run, I felt my breathing and it didn’t sound like I was tired at all. The whole time during the rest of the run, I would surge a little since I wasn’t really tired, but then slow down again. It was just really hard to run alone. So yeah, this run wasn’t as great as I hoped it to be, and definitely not as fast as the first time I did it.


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