Mile Repeats on the Track #2

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002
Workout: 2 Perimeter warmup, 6 1-mile repeat intervals @ 6:32 pace, 1 mile cooldown
Time: 6:25, 6:28, 6:09, 6:28,  6:28, 6:29 (Total: about 38:00) Weather: windy at the  end

While running the 2 perimeter warm-ups before the mile repeats on the track, Frank was telling me how worried he was about having to run his mile interval repeats at 5:40 pace. Hearing that I got a little worried too because I thought I also had to run a faster pace (most likely not as fast as 5:40 though). But after running the warm-ups, Fernando told us we were running the same workout as last week, which was a huge relief. This time though, Artie was going to be running in our group which would definitely help us out a lot. Running the first two mile interval repeats weren’t that bad, just a little faster than the pace because Ha was leading them. However, on the third mile repeat, Ha took off, I guess he thought we were running off pace or something. So we finished running that mile interval at 6:08, way faster than the pace that we were supposed to run at.

After that interval, I decided to just stay behind and not let the other runners set the pace, which was off anyways. So as the other runners were taking off during the next mile interval, I just stayed back and ran at the correct pace. It was not cool when one of my friends was watching us run and told me to catch up to them (he obviously didn’t know that I was running on pace). But I guess it’s understandable from someone who isn’t aware of what’s going on. It just looked like I was running too slow and that I needed to catch up.

It felt good when Sergio said that I was going at pace and said something like, “keep it up, at least you’re at pace,” referring to Ha taking off each time. I think what Ha was doing was run on pace for the first two laps, but then start to pick it up at the third and fourth lap, maybe thinking he was off pace. But I’m sure he had a watch with him, so he should have known. With the exception of the third mile repeat, I went on pace for the whole workout. Hopefully, I’ll keep this up and when we do the tougher workouts, I could show the others that they should have listened to the coaches and ran the workouts like they were supposed to.


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