Still Sore from Trail Run to The Rise

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Monday, January 21, 2002
Workout: Medium/Hard to Duarte
Time: Up: 35:23 (7:04 pace)

Today, we were either going to run to Duarte or the Railroads on the trail, but I told the coaches that a few of us were sore from the run Trail Run to The Rise on Saturday, so he told us all to go to Duarte. Frank told us he was going to Camino pretty hard and come back and do stair workouts on the track stadium seats. Coming up, we were all running pretty close together, but the group started breaking up and the first group was me, Frank and Ha. I remembered that Frank was going running hard to Camino, so I wanted to get away from that pack, but Ha stayed, so I decided to hang with them. Also, at Longden, Frank told us to pack it up, but it seemed like we picked it up instead. I guess he meant pack it up and run together at that faster pace. At Camino, I thought Frank was going to stop, but he kept running with us. Just before Duarte, Ha was falling back and Frank was yelling at him to keep up and catch us, which he eventually did do. It felt pretty good keeping up with Frank though, especially at the pace we were running at.

We rested at Duarte for a bit and then stretched and started to run back. Frank said he was going to run back a little easier and we caught up to a runner from the girl’s team. So she ran with us the rest of the way back at a pretty fast pace. The last mile everybody was running pretty fast and Ha and Frank took off a little bit. I was going to just relax and not catch them, but the everybody picked it up, so I caught up to them at the bridge. We all finished that run at a good pace and relatively close to each other, which is rare. This was a good, hard workout, but it felt even better that I was able to keep up and finish up there with them.


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