Recovery Run to Camino

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Sunday, January 20, 2002
Workout: recovery to Camino
Time: Easy Weather: Sunny

I was really sore today (even last night) from the workout. I don’t know why, but I also had cereal for breakfast that morning, which made the run worse. Good thing  the run was supposed to be a recovery. Nobody else wanted to run today except Ha; Raymond just flat out said no. Anyways, coming up, it was alright, except right before Camino, when Ha picked up the pace. It wasn’t that fast, just faster than usual, especially on an easy/recovery run. We stopped, rested and stretched at Camino for a while. I brought up the old days when we first started running cross country and how we would be dying just running to Longden or Camino. There was also a time when we were so thirsty at Longden that we walked to a nearby home’s sprinklers and drank the water; that’s how tired we were.

We ran back was at a pretty good pace, it  was actually better than on the way up. I don’t think it was faster or slower, just felt a lot more comforatble. We just talked and joked around and finished  together, which was a change. Today was a good day to recover from the workout the day before. But I am still sore, so I don’t know how well I will run tomorrow,  which will not be such an easy workout.


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