What is The Trail Running Blog?

Posted on Mar 07, 2008 under Random | 2 Comments

I guess this should have been my first post, but I created the About The Trail Running Blog page, so thought it would have been a sufficient explanation, but I will try to elaborate a little bit more.

I have wanted to start this running blog for quite some time now, but due to other events in my life, I never came around to doing it. I also didn’t know enough about blogging to truly make this work the way I wanted it to. So I patiently waited, for the right moment to start this.

Back in high school, I was told by my coach to start and keep a running log/journal of my runs, just to have to look back on in the future. So I did just that: I sat down and wrote about each run good or bad. Although it has not done much but bring back fond (and depressing) memories of past running experiences I had. Now that I have been able to set up this blog and upkeep it on a daily basis, I will share my stories, hoping to relate to others who have (had) the same passion for running that I used to have or still do, and hope to revive that passion that I once had.

Almost 5 years after running in my last track season, I have tried to get back to running on a daily basis. I have attempted this before, numerous times, to no avail. Either I was too busy with work, or too tired from it, I was never able to consistently run. I have run 3 times in the last 4 days, which is quite a feat for me. I hope I can run 4-5 times a week, for now, which is weak sauce since I ran 7 times a week in high school, 3-10 miles a day, as opposed to 1-2.5 these days.

But the fact that I can still run that long without having to stop for air or water, I think it just shows that I still have the running mentality in me. I am also getting inspiration from my Husky, Molly by having a companion with me while I run. Although she pulls like no other, and is afraid of the dark and sewer drains, she is still happy to get out of the house every now and then. Little does she know she is actually keeping me inspired to run every day.

I will try and post old running log entries as well as new ones from current runs that I find blog-worthy, not to mention any other running facts or knowledge that I can muster out of this old runner’s brain..

2 Responses to “What is The Trail Running Blog?”

  1. ErinSlick Says:

    Yay! Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. pchieng Says:

    Thanks for visiting!


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