The Trail Running Blog, Only Theme I Could Find

Posted on Mar 07, 2008 under Random | 1 Comment

This is the first post in the Trail Running Blog, hopefully not the last. I had to do a lot of setting up before I could even make this post. After the idea, I had to find a theme that fit well with what I would be talking about. So I looked up ‘running wordpress themes’ and you know what results I got? WordPress themes that worked! Oh Google and their semantics. Anyways, I kept looking and finally found this one theme, which I guess looks okay. But if you find any other running blogs out there, I bet they have this blog theme too. I will try my best to change some of the design/navigation areas to make it look a little different. But for now, this is all I got.

I will try and figure out how to begin this blog later.

One Response to “The Trail Running Blog, Only Theme I Could Find”

  1. polynesian_metal Says:

    I didn’t realize this post was so old. I found you through a retweet of TeamOCRun on twitter today. I do a trail running journal/blog myself and I use CHAOS THEORY running about 11 widgets. It really works for me because I can post a photo of the trail under the title. I have all of my run data hidden in a link that appears in the post that takes you to my public profile on RunKeeper, an iPhone application that tracks my runs with gps and breaks it down into splits, elevations maps, etc. I like Chaos because its black, I’m a metalhead. I’ll have fun hanging out on your site, don’t feel obliged to check out mine>



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