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Puma Ignite Running Shoe, T-Shirt & Shorts Review

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I still remember wearing my first pair of Puma shoes back in high school. I forget the model name, but I believe they were just a regular pair of sneakers that I wear to school almost every day. They were pretty comfortable, but definitely lacked enough support to use as running shoes (although, I do recall a few times where I did use them that way as I was running to class to avoid the tardy bell). I don’t even know if Puma made running shoes back then. But they do now, with this new Ignite collection. When I heard about it, I was skeptical since not all shoe companies can just up and be a running shoe company. There is a lot of research and testing involved to ensure you have a solid product that can last miles and miles of running that people put through their usual running shoes. But given their solid track record with soccer shoes and just regular sneakers, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give them a chance.

Puma Ignite Running Shoes

I went on an easy run with the Puma Ignite running shoes, along with their cool graphic t-shirt and mixed statement shorts. The first thing I noticed was that these shoes had much more support than I was used to in Puma shoes, which is really important for running shoes. I was able to get into a comfortable stride and go for 3 miles on the road without any issues. The shirt was light and also very comfortable and was able to wick my sweat quite easily. The shorts were the same as well, but the waistband took a while to get used to. It reminded me of a pair of boxing shorts! But they were light and included pockets which is a huge plus in my book. Read the rest of this entry »

Spartan Race Memorial Day Discount – Save up to $40 off!

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If you’re looking for a challenging obstacle race to check off your bucket list, then I highly recommend you consider the Spartan Race. Fair warning: it is one of the hardest obstacle races I have ever done (although I do not have much to compare it to). It was one of the most physically and mentally demanding events I have ever experienced in my life. I told myself that I would never do it again, but if the right opportunity arrived, I’d definitely think about it. For now, I will just go back, re-read and re-watch the very long race report and highlight video I created after I finally recovered from that day. Done? Motivated and inspired? Then sign up now and save up to $40 off! Using the code: MEMORIAL and save $20 off the Sprint, $30 off the Super or $40 off the Beast distance. Do it now, the offer expires Wednesday, 5/27.


Wanderlust 108 San Diego Mindful Triathlon Report

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As mentioned in my race preview, this was not your typical triathlon events. But I was still excited to participate in the run (since that is what I do best), the yoga (since I know it’s good for your core) and meditation (since I’ve heard that it’s a good way to relax and clear your mind). Unfortunately, due to other obligations, I only had time to do the run part of this event. The distance was supposed to be 5K, but my GPS had it much less. Even though it was supposed to be a fun run (no timing chips, medals, awards, etc.) I still tried to run it as hard as possible. Results: 2.84 mi, 18:03, 6:21 min/mile. I started the race way too fast at 6:12, but I was more focused on running around the other runners at the start of the race to notice. Once I get settled into the race, I only saw one other runner in front. So I caught up to him by that first mile and tried to run with him for a while. I had my headphones on, but when I took one out, the guy next to me said something like, ‘tempo run’? As in, ‘are you making this a workout run too?’, ‘uh…sure’ as I replied while breathing very heavily. It was definitely much faster than I would usually run a tempo run. I did lead the race for a short while, but only to get passed just before the finish. But I was happy with my overall time and pace (not sure if I would have been able to maintain for the full 3.1 miles, so I’m glad it was shorter. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Really Lose Weight – Advice from Top Bloggers

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running weight loss

Ever wonder how an expert fitness blogger maintains a healthy weight? Well, these influential bloggers shared their stories and tips on how to lose weight the right way. They all have their own ways of doing things. But, they all pretty much agree on one thing: To maintain a healthy weight, you must live a healthy lifestyle.

What has been the key for you in your weight loss journey?

Response from Brandi Laughlin at

“I would definitely have to say realizing that this is a lifestyle change and not just a quick fix. At first I just thought I would lose the weight and would be able to go back to my old eating habits and lazy lifestyle, and that really can’t happen.

You have to keep plugging along every day and keep going, no matter what. You’ll have hiccups and mistakes, but as long as you keep moving forward that’s what counts. A whole lot of baby steps add up to big results with consistency.”

When trying to lose weight, what is your recommendation when it comes to eating carbohydrates?

Response from Jan “Crabby” Graham at

“The carbs question is really confusing, because there is so much contradictory information out there. While this is a bad thing if you want to find reliable advice, it’s a great thing if you want to do whatever the heck you want, because whatever you want to try, SOME expert or other is going to back you.”

Do you have a weight loss diet that you think produces results while allowing for flexible food choices?

Response from Roni Noone at

“I no longer follow ‘weight loss diets’ my goal is to eat yummy, healthy food in moderation. I really don’t think there is a silver bullet. I’ve found success by enjoying the process of trying new, healthy foods and watching my portions.”

What is the number 1 recommendation you have for someone who is traveling and wants to stay on the healthy bandwagon?

Response from Julie Wilcox at

“When you travel, it’s important to stick to your daily meal plans no matter what. Don’t let travel be an excuse to let your discipline and hard work fall to the wayside. In order to stay on the healthy bandwagon, you must prepare yourself in advance for your trips, which requires advance researching and planning.

Bring your food for the plane. Choose a hotel that has healthy menus – so many hospitality brands are embracing wellness today! Pack healthy snacks with you so that while at your destination, you are never stuck with poor options. If you will be eating out a lot, go to restaurants that serve lots of vegetables, whole grains and fish. Watch out for and skip the fattening sides!

If you’re traveling or staying with friends, make your diet known to them in advance in an unobtrusive way. Finally, allow yourself to splurge but only on the one or two most important things. And then, exercise!” Read the rest of this entry »

Easier Ways To Scan

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Patients who need testing to determine if there is anything wrong in the body might be ordered to get an MRI. This is an easy way to get a better look at the body in the form of slides. Details can appear on the MRI slides that might not show up on an x-ray or other types of scans. Some patients might not be able to lay inside an ordinary MRI machine. This is when an open MRI is beneficial.

Those who don’t like to be in enclosed spaces will find that this is a better option as it’s not as confining. The sides are open instead of being enclosed, giving more room while the test is being done. It’s a solution for young children who might be afraid of the machine itself as there will likely be enough room for a parent to lay on the bed with the child. Older adults can also have someone with them so that they feel safer. This kind of MRI makes it easier to accomodate IV poles and other equipment that the patient might need to have instead of needing to maneuver it to the side of an ordinary machine. The open design is also beneficial if there needs to be images of an area of the body that might not be able to be centered in a traditional machine, such as the ankle or the wrist.

How to Feel Your Best

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Between work, school, family and friends, everyone can feel low at times. The world is a stressful place, but there are some solutions to brighten the mood. A positive attitude with key lifestyle changes allows you to feel your best.

Move That Body

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to feel good about your body and mind. It’s well known that favorable hormones are released during exercise. Take a walk each day for 30 minutes to feel a change in mood. You’ll notice a surge of good feelings during and immediately after the workout. Try different activities to vary the exercise. You might find a new hobby with health as a beneficial side effect.

Concentrate on Internal Chemistry

Everyone has varying internal chemistry based on genetics and environment. You could take a supplement, such as TravaCor, to add beneficial vitamins and amino acids. When your body is deficient in certain vitamins, it responds with poor functioning. A happy mood and healthy body can be balanced with the addition of supplemental nutrition. You may want to confer with a doctor before starting a supplement regimen to verify that allergies or side effects won’t be an issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Drug Testing Employees

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Choosing whether to drug test your employees is an important step in any company, large or small. There are benefits and drawbacks to drug testing, both of which should be explored in depth. Understanding how a drug testing program will affect your business is key to making the right choice.

Why Drug Test?

Drug use in the workplace can have a number of repercussions and create an environment that is hazardous for everyone. If there are employees in your company who are using drugs, they can cause equipment malfunctions, slow down productivity and bring down staff morale. They may be more likely to steal company property in order to feed their drug habits. Having employees in your workplace who are addicted to drugs can cause liability issues that can derail your company’s operations.

Drug Test Considerations

If you are going to drug test, it is vital that you create a written policy for the program. Inform potential hires and existing staff that they will be subjected to a drug test as a condition of employment. Make sure that you drug test every employee to avoid the appearance of unfairness.

You can either drug test on site or hire an outside vendor to conduct the testing. You can easily test in the workplace using urine reagent strips that deliver instant results. Test during the hiring process and any time there is a serious safety incident in your company.

When it comes to instituting drug testing at your company, creating a plan that works is the best way to ensure the best results.

Ways That Companies Are Encouraging Employee Wellness

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Today, a growing number of company owners are recognizing the value of corporate wellness programs. They realize that healthy employees are more productive and take fewer sick days which can boost a company’s overall productivity. Consider just a few of the ways that companies are getting their employees excited about improving their health.

Weight Loss Competitions

Some companies are setting up competitions that allow employees to compete for prizes as they lose weight and improve their health. For instance, a company may begin a competition that lasts for six months. Each employee who wants to participate creates a reasonable weight loss goal. Employees who accomplish their goal receive a prize. Some examples of prizes are a week of paid vacation, tickets to a popular sporting event or even a few hundred dollars cash. With this sort of competition, employees lose weight and get recognized for their efforts.

Counting Steps

Many companies are holding competitions that ask employees to keep track of the amount of steps they walk or jog per day. In some cases, these steps are recorded by a technological device. Employees may even be able to go online to see how well others are doing in the competition. This is something that employees can do at work or at home. For instance, an employee may decide to take the stairs to get to the office instead of riding on the elevator each morning. That helps to boost the amount of steps the person takes each day. This competition adds fun to the process of getting in better shape.

Trying New Exercise Classes

Another way that company owners are encouraging their employees to get in better shape is to host a competition that involves exercise classes. Employees may be invited to try a different exercise class each day at a fitness center chosen by the company. An employee who continually tries new classes for a certain period of time can earn prizes awarded by the company. Trying new exercise classes can help employees to find one that they really love. WCS is one example of a resource that companies can use to find a convenient fitness center as well as other things that can help with establishing a wellness program.

Finally, employees of a company may be more inclined to lose weight or try a new exercise regimen if they have others doing it with them. Employees can encourage one another in their efforts to gain more energy and get in better shape.

OC Half Marathon Race Report

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oc-marathon-logoThe OC Half Marathon reminds me a lot of the races I’ve ran here in San Diego. The course takes you around Newport Beach, which is almost as nice as the beaches in San Diego. The weather and flat course almost guarantees that you’ll run fast. I’m not exactly sure how many years this race has been going on, but from the website as well as number of participants, volunteers and spectators, it’s fair to say it’s not their inaugural. I’ve actually heard of this race before, I ran the Long Beach Half Marathon a few years ago, which is part of a 3-race series (again, similar to a series for 3 San Diego races..) I haven’t ran a half marathon since the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas half marathon in early November of last year. Since that race, I’ve done a few 5K’s and a 10-mile race. Because of that break, I dedicated the last 3 weeks or so dedicated to running, that meant waking up early to run before work. Because of that, I was able to run a pretty fast half. Results: 1:35:26, 7:17 min/mile, AG: 20/394, men: 144/3,603, overall: 170/9,069. It was a pretty tough race, but I am very happy with my performance. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Weird Celebrity Hair Hacks to Try at Your Own Risk

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There are a lot of things people copy from celebrities, like taste in music and street fashion. These hair hacks may be too weird for even the most celeb-obsessed reader to copy, though. The good news is that they’re mostly all-natural. You already take an anti-aging supplement, make your own body scrubs, and buy organic foods. Why not give one or two of these tips a shot, too?

Sienna Miller: Ketchup

Sienna had a couple of mishaps when coloring her hair, including coming out with pink locks after trying to go red, then ending up with green hair when attempting to go brunette. She claims that the only thing that got her hair back to normal were regular ketchup applications, under heat.

Suki Waterhouse: Coca-Cola

Suki doesn’t particularly like her hair when it’s squeaky clean, because it gets too limp. She rinses with Coca-Cola to get a tousled look.

Fergie: Olive Oil

This tip doesn’t sound too far-fetched, since olive oil is often used in beauty regimes. On tour, Fergie would use olive oil to quickly pull her hair into a ponytail between songs. The next morning, she’d shampoo and find that her hair felt like silk.

Zoe Saldana: Mayonnaise

This is another hair hack that may have some legs. Zoe found out about the mayo trick after reading a book about natural beauty tips. The mayo is used to tame dry, wild hair. Just don’t forget to shampoo, or you’ll end up smelling like a sandwich.

Not sure if these tips are fact or fiction? Ask your stylist about them before trying anything too drastic.

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