4 Weird Celebrity Hair Hacks to Try at Your Own Risk

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There are a lot of things people copy from celebrities, like taste in music and street fashion. These hair hacks may be too weird for even the most celeb-obsessed reader to copy, though. The good news is that they’re mostly all-natural. You already take an anti-aging supplement, make your own body scrubs, and buy organic foods. Why not give one or two of these tips a shot, too?

Sienna Miller: Ketchup

Sienna had a couple of mishaps when coloring her hair, including coming out with pink locks after trying to go red, then ending up with green hair when attempting to go brunette. She claims that the only thing that got her hair back to normal were regular ketchup applications, under heat.

Suki Waterhouse: Coca-Cola

Suki doesn’t particularly like her hair when it’s squeaky clean, because it gets too limp. She rinses with Coca-Cola to get a tousled look.

Fergie: Olive Oil

This tip doesn’t sound too far-fetched, since olive oil is often used in beauty regimes. On tour, Fergie would use olive oil to quickly pull her hair into a ponytail between songs. The next morning, she’d shampoo and find that her hair felt like silk.

Zoe Saldana: Mayonnaise

This is another hair hack that may have some legs. Zoe found out about the mayo trick after reading a book about natural beauty tips. The mayo is used to tame dry, wild hair. Just don’t forget to shampoo, or you’ll end up smelling like a sandwich.

Not sure if these tips are fact or fiction? Ask your stylist about them before trying anything too drastic.


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