No Dumping on a Trail Run

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No Dumping on a RunNo Dumping on a Trail Run
Note: It feels kind of weird jumping from races that happened the year before (2000) and then training on the trail a year after(2001), but I don’t really remember runs from when I first started cross country, and the only reason why I remember the runs after is because I kept a log. There aren’t that many races in a season, so I should catch up to more present time (even though the logs are still from 6 years ago). Hope no one is too confused.


Sunday, December 30, 2001

Work-out: 4 Mile Recovery/Easy to Camino
Time: 25/26 Minutes, Weather: Cool with Small Drizzle

I was pretty sore from yesterday, especially my calves (which is a good thing because that meant I was running on my toes, which I don’t think I do that often). Frank called to play basketball so I decided to run before at about four. As Ha was parking, we saw the Roosas and Fernando on the trail, so we ran with them. Coming up was alright, pretty fast for an easy/recovery run, but the rain made it easier. Just before we got to Camino, Ha decided to pick it up and tried to win it, but I didn’t let it happened and ran with him and outkicked him in the end. While resting at Camino, Fernando saw a “No Dumping” sign on the other side of the fence. He took it and ran back (pretty fast if you ask me) with the sign in his hands. Stealing that sign just made the run a little more interesting, and I still don’t know how he did it. His form must have been really bad and holding a sign like that would be pretty tiring. Anyways, back to running: again as we were finishing to the water tower, there was a pick-up. There usually is, just because it’s the end of a run and as runners, we have a tendency to finish runs (especially races, ie the kick) really fast.Whatever it was, we finished the last half mile at a much faster pace then the rest of the run. I out kicked them with not much effort, probably because it was an easy run and I had a lot of energy left. Check out the post for the previous run that I had..


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