Double Trail Running Entry

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Monday, December 31, 2001
Work-out: 5 Miles Medium/Comfortable to Duarte
Time: Pretty Good, Weather: Chilly but good for running

                Coming up, I tried staying with Fernando. The first mile I pretty much hung with him, but it killed me. He said he was going up medium and coming back fast. So if he went up medium and I was dying, then I wonder how I would feel coming back with him? Evan and Ha ran up to Duarte while Fernando went to the Railroad. Evan and Ha were resting at Duarte when I got there. We waited pretty long, I was planning on stopping for about a minute, but they ended up staying longer. Then when we started heading back, there were going pretty slow. Ha said it was a “good” (as in easy) pace, but it was supposed to be a medium day. I guess they were hurting so much they had to go that easy. However, at Live Oak, we turned around and saw Fernando waiting to cross the street. He caught us even though he went one street further! So the rest of them decided to pick it up so he wouldn’t catch us. At the half mile mark, I guess Ha was trying to make his “move”, but I surged to keep up with him. I surged a little every now and then and then finally passed him. Right before the downhill, I started to pull away, but still felt good. Again, I still had enough energy for a kick.

Tuesday, January 1, 2002
Work-out: 4 Miles Easy/Recovery to Camino
Time: Pretty fast for easy, Weather: Cool & hot at the end

                The Cabreras didn’t show up today, but it was no surprise, seeing last night was New Year’s Eve and all. It was fine though, we knew what we had to do. Coming up, Frank was going pretty hard to Duarte. He turned around and stopped for me at Live Oak. We ran together and he asked me to go to Duarte with him. I couldn’t do it though because I was dying just keeping up with him. So at Camino, I turned right back and a little bit later, I saw Ha. Similarly to Saturday’s run, I surged ever once in a while and passed him. After each street, I would turn back to see how far behind me he was. At Live Oak, I turned around and saw that he was pretty close. But when I finished he was barely at the end of the downhill which is a pretty big gap. The real test will be tomorrow, when we finally start doing intervals on the track. That is the real time to show how much you improved and I hope I do well and run my times.


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