DailyMile Running Updates: August 31 – September 3, 2009

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So I followed my longest running week with my shortest, way to go! It wasn’t that bad of a week though. And I think I had good enough reasons not to run on the other days. Friday was another one of my coworker’s last day, so a group of us had dinner with her after work, can’t really say no to that. Saturday, I was planning to go for an easy ride and run, but the night before I happened to get one of those random cramps in my right calf. According to Dummies.com, it’s called a Nocturnal Leg Cramp. It was pretty bad, but I don’t even remember fully waking up when it happened and once it was over, I think I just fell back asleep. When I tried to get up in the morning to run though, I actually forgot about the cramp and walked to the restroom and then noticed the soreness in my right calf. I didn’t want to make it worse by running on it, so I was hoping to at least bike but as I did the biking motion while on my chair, I still felt the pain, so I took it as another rest day. This was my first 2 non-running days in a while now. I’m planning on going on a bike ride on Sunday, just to get some type of workout in. Hope that turns out OK.

I can’t really remember what happened on Monday, but it looks like I had a pretty good run. The pace was very consistent throughout and I was able to pull off a fast last mile, which I always like doing. On Tuesday, I wanted to get in a long run, but just wasn’t feeling it right from the start. I felt really weak and out of energy, which is probably lack of food or exhaustion from previous runs. So I cut that run short and planned on the long run the next day. Next day came and didn’t turn out as planned again. Had to use the restroom within the first mile or two and was hoping that I could just finish the run and go afterwards, but nope. Took a break at Target and then tried to get back into the run, which was really hard. I was going pretty slow at first, but after a while, I sort of got a second wind, which is rare for me. I decided to do a mini time trial for my last mile. And like I said in the DailyMile summary, I was literally flying! It felt pretty good the first half or so of the mile, but then I started to feel fatigued, which is understandable. I ended up running a 5:45 last mile! It’s the fastest last mile I’ve ever ran and even by itself (excluding high school..4:53..)

On Thursday, I finally got my long run in for the week and it turned out to be a pretty good run. Right when I first stated the run, I felt good and the only issue I had was around mile 2-3 where there was this winding road that had no headlights and cars were just speeding by me. So I could have easily been hit by a car or attacked by some wild animal. That was not a fun stretch. After I got over that part though, it was pretty quiet and then I finished the run on a slight downhill, which explains for the fast time. I felt pretty comfortable for most of the run though, which is good. I think I’m finally ready to start my half-marathon training, which starts this Tuesday. I’ve built up a pretty good base by now. I know it’s going to be tough to get used to all these different workouts and paces, but if I just focus, I should be able to do them successfully.

Monday August 31, 2009
The Loop – 5 mi / 34:01, 6:48 min/mile

Wanted to have an easy/comfortable run today, and I guess it sort of was. Felt kind of tired during the whole run, but was still able to run a decent time. There was a light wind present, which was nice. Splits: 6:54, 6:48, 6:48, 6:54, 6:34.

HR: Avg 170, Max 189

Tuesday, September 1, 2009
The Loop – 4 mi / 30:17, 7:34 min/mile

Felt blah, had to cut the run short. A couple of reasons why I was so weak today: harder run yesterday, not enough rest, or just plain hungry. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

HR: Avg 154, Max 168

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Restroom Break & Fast Mile – 5 mi

Didn’t feel well and had to stop at Target to use the restroom. Better during a workout than in a race.. Couldn’t get into the run afterwards, until the end when I got a 2nd wind. Went hard during that last mile and was literally flying: 5:45!!! Fastest last mile in a run and alone. Totally made up for the pitstop 🙂

HR: Avg 150, Max 195

Thursday, September 3, 2009
Comfy Long Run – 7 mi / 52:41, 7:22 min/mile

Always a good sign when the very first step feels great. No side effects from yesterday’s 5:45 last mile. Really comfortable long run today, so glad I went long. Not fun running at night up a road with no street lights and cars speeding by. Ran on an empty stomach the whole time though, and my stomach kept reminding me..

2 Responses to “DailyMile Running Updates: August 31 – September 3, 2009”

  1. meg Ling Says:

    Way to run consistently! Fine times too. Not sure about your cramp, hope you don’t get one again! On and thankgoodness for Target!

  2. lindsay Says:

    i get calf/feet cramps in the middle of the night too, randomly. i haven’t found a “common theme” yet. a lot of people say to eat more bananas, but i would still get them on days where i ate 2 bananas earlier that day. some people say it’s linked to training hard – there are a few different theories. i just make a note of it on my training log. there was a period though (not long ago) where got them at least once/week. they are definitely no fun!


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