Certain Dri Feet & Anti-Perspirant Products Review

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I was given the opportunity to review a variety of Certain Dri products including: Certain Dri Feet Microsponge Powder, Moisture Control Pads and Solid Anti-Perspirant. To be honest, I have never really heard of this brand before and the packaging makes it look like a very generic product. But after reading about the product, I found out that it has been the number-one doctor-recommended brand for over 30 years. I have never used products for foot odor or moisture before, but I’m sure if I asked around what others use, I’m sure a good amount of them would mention this product. And about the Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant, I have grown up using the most common types of deodorant and anti-perspirant on the market, Right Guard, Axe, Old Spice, etc. and I thought they were doing their job..


Certain Dri Feet Microsponge Powder and Moisture Control Pads work together to help stop excessive foot odor and moisture. I have a tendency to ignore or get used to certain smells that I encounter on a daily basis. I think that happens to most people to a certain degree. Everybody has their own ‘scent’ some are just more noticeable than others. When I stop by one of my coworker’s desk at work, I can definitely notice a distinct ‘scent’ from him, but it isn’t like a rancid smell or anything. However, when I ran in high school, we had a teammate who supposedly smelled really bad and others would notice as they ran near him. Going back to me, if I ever did have a foot odor problem, I don’t know if I would even be able to tell right away, unless of course I actually grab my foot and smell. If foot odor is hereditary though, then there is a chance that I may have it. Every day after work, my dad would take off his shoes and step into the bathtub to wash his feet. But it might be because he worked at a restaurant and working inside a kitchen all day will really take a toll on his feet.

Thirty percent of U.S. adults, or more than 70 million people, report that their foot perspiration is a problem, and of this group, nearly three-quarters also battle foot odor. What I think is even more alarming is that a normal foot, which has more than 250,000 sweat glands, can produce more than a pint of sweat. It just doesn’t feel like my feet are producing that much sweat. But people who know that they have excessive moisture in their feet sweat so much that they can’t even wear sandals because it actually gets so wet that they slip in and out of the sandals. Even if I don’t have excessive foot moisture, I still wanted to try out the products to see how they felt when using it. The Moisture Control Pads are supposed to be used at night before bed and they are these little tiny pads that remind me of a miniature version of those Stridex pads that I used to use on my face. The only ingredients in the pads are water and aluminum chloride. The first time I used it, I had ran a couple of hours before so my body and feet were still very warm. So using the pads felt really cool on my feet. Because I don’t have excessive moisture in my feet, I can’t really say whether they work or not. The Microsponge Powder is pretty straightforward. It helps fight excessive foot odor, so I decided to use them on my running shoes since they would most likely be the pair of shoes that I own that smells. The powder was easy to pour into the shoes and it did help get rid of whatever odors I smelled in my shoes.

certain-dri-anti-perspirantI have actually started seeing commercials for Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant, which is pretty cool. I also read about how the anti-perspirant lasts 72 hours, so you only have to use it 3 times a week, which is nice because there have been many days when I would just forget to use it before work. And the other thing I learned when using this anti-perspirant is that you’re supposed to use it at night. “When your body’s dormant (at rest) your glandular activity slows down, inhibiting sweat and reducing pore size by temporarily ‘clogging pores’ to block perspiration.’ What goes to work while we’re sleeping is the 12% of aluminum chloride. Even when I used deodorant everyday in high school and now, all my white t-shirts got ruined. But with Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant, I don’t have to worry about any more excessive underarm perspiration as well as white t-shirts with really bad pit stains.

Overall, each of the Certain Dri products seems to do the trick, depending on what issue you currently have. Because you only have to use the Solid Anti-Perspirant 3 times a day, you just need to make it a routine to do it on the same day of the week and you’re set. The Moisture Control Pads are very easy to use; just wipe down the entire foot before you go to bed at night. It doesn’t burn or anything and it just feels cool on your feet. The Microsponge Powder is even easier to use by pouring a little into your shoe before you leave before the day.

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2 Responses to “Certain Dri Feet & Anti-Perspirant Products Review”

  1. lindsay Says:

    very cool review! interesting topic, i love thinking about smelly feet. i don’t notice my feet too much, but maybe that’s ’cause they’re mine. my fiance’s feet on the other hand… might need to get him these products. don’t tell him i said that. 😉

  2. lindsay Says:

    …just for the record, that was sarcasm about enjoying thinking about smelly feet!


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