Where are all your Race Medals?

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When my brother was in high school cross country, he would always show off his medals to my mom after his races. He had a little section in our room where he put all of his medals and trophies. When I ran a couple of years later, I didn’t get as many as him, but won my fair share of medals and trophies. They were all fun to get at the time and we kept them around the room, but after a while, we just decided to put the past behind us and store them away. When I visited my parents in LA not that long ago, I decided take a look at where all of the medals we have accumulated over our combined 6 years of running high school cross country and track. I didn’t bother with the trophies which are stored in some attic-like place in our room.


This is a tiny little cabinet where we store random stuff that we don’t use anymore.


Can’t be any more obvious than that. This box previously stored a bunch of Star Trek: First Generation trading cards (my brother’s not mine!)


There is quite a variety of cross country and track and field medals in here, including huge invitational meets, league championships and more. There was a track meet that our high school ran called the “Meet of Champions”, it was a fun race!

In my post-high school running career, I have accumulated 1 medal so far, which I am very proud of, since it was for winning my AG. I know most half and full marathons give a participatory finisher medal, so I should be expecting more as time goes on. I’ll keep them around my room as a reminder and inspiration as I’m training for my next race. But I’m sure once I’m old and grey and can’t run anymore, those same medals will go in a box just like this one. Hopefully that won’t happen for a long time!

9 Responses to “Where are all your Race Medals?”

  1. Elliot Says:

    Ha! Mine look the exact same way, though now it’s triathlon finisher medals I’m hoping to accumulate, that and maybe an ultra or two on the way. Good luck with the marathon and training.

  2. Nobel4Lit Says:

    Mine are hanging on a clothing hook. My parents don’t treasure these medals like they do the ones I got for academics. *sigh*

  3. SDrunner Says:

    @Elliot I have a very long term goal of completing at least one triathlon, but an ultra? Maybe..

    @Nobel4Lit You and your parents would love this trophy that I got in high school: “Scholar Athlete Award”, highest GPA on the team. LOL

  4. lindsay Says:

    mine (the random trophies/pottery pieces from age group awards or half/full medals) are scattered about… i’d like to do something with them but i don’t really want to make a “LOOK AT ME” trophy case. just something cool with them to see my little collection. i was having professional frames made from each marathon’s memorabilia but at ~$200/each i’ve only had 4 of my 6 marathons done… and then i started thinking about the financial commitment to framing 50 marathons! gotta figure something out… hmm.

  5. Anne Says:

    How funny because last week I was clearing out some boxes in the garage and found my old race trophies – yes, they use to give out trophies instead of medals way, way back – and wondered what to do with them. My medals are tucked away in a box in the back of my closet. I’ve also saved every one of my running bibs with the hope of creating some kind of wall montage someday when I’m really, really bored.

  6. x-country2 Says:

    I don’t have nearly that many, but I have them all hanging on the mirror in my entry way, and yeah, it’s getting a little out of control. I should move those.

  7. Barbara262 Says:

    You should all be proud of your accomplishments!! Show them off!! Check out our website http://www.mad4medals.com

  8. JP Says:

    Mine usually hang from various spots in my place. I finally ordered a hanger from racemedalhangers.com and they personalized it for me. Very good people to work with.

  9. Samuel Says:

    I have a decent collection of medals stuffed into a clothes drawer in my bedroom. The only one I can’t find is probably the one I care about the most, the medal from my first marathon in Berlin in 2008. I made the mistake of stowing it in the attic for ‘safe keeping’. Naturally that’s the one I can’t find!


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