Half Training Week 4: September 29 – October 4, 2009

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This week was a pretty productive week, however in addition to my usual off day on Monday, I decided to take a nap on Wednesday instead of run. I guess it wasn’t that big of a deal since that day was an off/cross-train/easy run day anyways. I just feel that I need to run as much miles as possible to build up my endurance for the half. On that day though, I was just pooped, before work, at, and afterwards. It was funny because when I briefly woke up at 8:30PM that night, I disregarded the fact that it was dark and thought to myself, ‘dang it, I’m late for work’. Immediately after I realized it was night time, I so just went back to bed, it was nice!

My three core workouts turned out pretty well. The intervals didn’t really feel that much like intervals since they were such long distances: 2 miles at 10k pace(6:40), 2×1 miles at 5k pace (6:25) and 2x800m at slightly faster than 5k pace. I thought to myself, ‘the 2 miles should be easy since it’s the beginning of the run and the pace is not that demanding’ but the miles might be harder because I’ll be a little tired from the 2 miles. 800 should be easy because it’s shorter and at the end of the workout which I just want to get over with. Results: 2 miles: 12:38 (6:00, 6:38); miles: 5:57, 6:07; 800m: 2:59, 2:44. I know for a fact that I should not have ran that first mile that fast, but I’m terrible with pace and I’d rather be faster than slower. I’m surprised that I hit the two miles that fast though, but because it asked for a faster pace than the 2 miles, I wanted to make sure I hit it. I am happy with the workout overall, but as always still questioning whether or not I’m shooting myself in the foot by not actually running the set paces..

Tempo Run
I hate doing tempo runs on Thursday because I still have work to worry about the next day, but this is the Ryan Hall half marathon training program, can’t question it! The workout asked for 25 min at hard tempo pace (6:45). Like always, I thought to myself because I have run this distance at this or a faster pace before, I know I can do it. I was really happy to find out I hit a fairly consistent pace: 6:28, 6:41, 6:36, 6:29. That never happens!

Long Run
My long run for the week may be my hardest workout because of the distance. The last time I had to do this workout, I was supposed to run 6 easy and 3 at half goal pace + 20-30 sec. I focused too hard to trying to hit those 6 at a reasonable ‘easy’ pace (7:45-8:25) that I was too tired to actually run the rest of the 3 miles at my half goal pace. I think the heat also made the workout nearly impossible to do. I went all out this time: I went to bed early so that I could wake up early and avoid the sun, I didn’t even look at my watch during the easy 6 miles and just focused on the 4 miles I had to run at half goal pace. I remember the first half mile was good but then I started thinking about other stuff and had to get my brain back into the run. I ended up running these 4 miles at a pretty good pace all at or below the pace I was supposed to hit: 7:31, 6:56, 6:39, 7:20. I was really happy with the workout. I also had a Clif bar 5 miles in, so that might have helped give an energy boost too. I will be getting some Gu in the mail, so I will be able to test those out on a future workout so I don’t have to risk using it during a race and possible ruin my first half ever.

On another note, I have noticed the left 2nd toe getting darker recently and it actually hurts whenever I touch it. I looked it up and I guess that nail’s gonna be falling off soon? Not cool. I keep reading about how it seems to happen to everybody and it’s not even a big deal! Some of the posts I read even has pictures! I’m not really a big fan of my nails falling off, but I guess I can’t really stop this one. A lot of people say that it may be from my shoes. I never got fitted for my New Balance 768’s but I think the toebox has been good for my foot structure. And I just found out that I have hit over 550 miles and ran over 6 months in these shoes. I will probably visit a Road Runner Sports this weekend, get fitted and find shoes that are actually made for my feet, which should be fun!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Intervals? / Speed Workout  5 mi 30:25 06:05 pace

Workout: 2 miles @ 10k pace (6:40), 2×1 mile @ 5K pace (6:25), 2x800m @ slightly faster than 5K pace.
Results: 2 miles: 12:38 (6:00, 6:38); miles: 5:57, 6:07; 800m: 2:59, 2:44

I have never done a workout like this before. On paper it didn’t seem too bad: a two mile run, 2 one miles and finish off with 2 800 meters. It felt weird starting off that 2 mile, I felt myself running a lot faster than I usually do on that route. And it showed: 6:00 first mile!! I got a 5 min rest after the two mile, which really helped. But my legs were really feeling it on the beginning of the mile interval, but I was still able to run it very well. Slowed a little on the 2nd one, but still ran it well below the pace. The 800’s weren’t too bad since I knew it was that last ones and it was a shorter distance.

I’m happy that I hit below the goal pace, but worried that it was too fast? I am really exhausted from that run, definitely one of the harder ones that I have ran in a long time. Need more sleep!!


Thursday, October 1, 2009
25 Min Tempo Run  4 mi 26:15 06:33 pace

Took yesterday off to nap instead of an easy/recovery run. I think it helped today. I was able to run the tempo run pretty comfortably. It was supposed to be 25 minutes at fast tempo pace (6:45). I didn’t start off too fast and was able to run pretty consistently: 6:28, 6:41, 6:36, 6:29.


Friday, October 2, 2009
Easy Run  3.85 mi

Easy day, decided to take random route just to change things up. However, body was weak and needed nourishment, cut the run short, oh well.

Saturday, October 3, 2009
Long Run (6 Miles Easy, 4 Race Pace + 20/30 sec)  10 mi 01:17 07:42 pace

This workout turned out much better than last time I did this workout. I think I was supposed to do 6 and 3, but I got too tired after those 6. This time I didn’t even look at how fast I ran the 6 and just went easy. HR was really low throughout and was able to run the last 4 miles at a pretty fast pace, at or below my half goal pace +20 sec (7:30). Splits: 7:31, 6:56, 6:39, 7:20. Now I can enjoy the weekend!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009
Easy Run  4 mi

Easy Sunday run just to get loose. Every time the alarm went off (after I snoozed), I looked out the window to see the trees swaying a lot from the wind. I thought to myself, ‘that’s how it’ll be all the time when winter comes’ It was a nice and breezy run and was able to just relax and enjoy.


2 Responses to “Half Training Week 4: September 29 – October 4, 2009”

  1. diana Says:

    Wow, all your training runs are making me tired! Nice job following the plan. I can’t wait to see the payoff. You are doing great. Sorry to hear about the toe.

  2. lindsay Says:

    nice runs! speedy 🙂 you didn’t slack off in any of your quality workouts, and that’s what’s most important. i would maybe only worry about starting out too fast in the half. you definitely have the speed, you just have to remember that you are going for 13.1 miles, not an 800 or 2 miles. your pacing is looking better though – more consistent which is definitely good. it always takes me a few weeks to get a good ‘feel’ for my paces, you are getting there! keep up the solid training!


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