2009 Year End Report & Half Marathon Training Update

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Welcome to 2010, runners! I hope everybody had a safe/fun holiday the past couple of weeks. For me, it was filled with lots of driving, eating, visiting family, lounging around and a little bit of running on the side. My half marathon was in mid-November and my next one is in late January, which meant I was supposed to start my 10-week training right after that half.


My 2009 year end report according to DailyMile.

I took a couple of days off to recover from my half and then didn’t really follow any training plan after that. I have been trying to continue to run so that I didn’t get out of shape and maybe even run more miles to build up my base. What I learned from my first half is that I definitely have the speed, but not the endurance. To compensate for that, I have been trying to run more miles than I did from my last training. One way to help is by running 7 days a week, instead of 6. Another thing I did was just have a regular run instead of intervals since that is usually 3-4 miles total.

Since I started my new job, I have had the opportunity leave for work later since the office is just down the street. But instead of sleeping in, I actually wake up earlier to get my run in for the day. I have gone back and forth about running in the mornings and running at night and although I do prefer to run in the evening, it just makes sense for me to run in the mornings. I’ve noticed that my runs have been a lot slower lately, which is probably because I’m not fully awake in the morning and because I don’t have any food in me. I’m hoping that if I continue to run in the mornings, I’ll just get used to it and finally be able to pick up my pace. My goal for my next half (1:35) is slightly less aggressive than my first half (1:30). I’m not completely sure if I would have been able to run that time (1:35) in my last half (when I was actually training hard for it), what makes me think I can hit it now? There will be a pacer there again, so all I can do is try my best to stick with them and see how long I can hang on.

Just looking at my calendar, I noticed that the half is in a little over two weeks away. I know I have not prepared for it as well as I should have, but it was a very stressful time for me. Practicing and preparing for interviews for a new job and then making sure that all of my current work was completed at my old job took up a lot of time. But, that is part of being a responsible adult and putting your education to good use. Although I was still able to run during most of that time, really focusing on the runs was really difficult. I guess we’ll just see what will happen come race day.

4 Responses to “2009 Year End Report & Half Marathon Training Update”

  1. lindsay Says:

    way to be the hare and not the tortoise (in your daily mile report) 🙂 that’s a cool layout/stats.

    i wish i could run in the morning. in my opinion, which is not scientific at all, i feel like you burn more fat in the morning. i also think it’s better training b/c your body is relying on stored fat instead of what you ate during the day. i’m just not really into running at 4am before work… 😉

    how are you feeling running 7 days vs 6? do you still take an occasional rest day? if you find yourself getting tired/feeling sore/achy i would suggest having a regular rest day and adding a mile or two to the other days instead. just a suggestion – don’t run yourself into the ground!

  2. diana Says:

    You may not feel prepared, but you had a ton of other things that needed attention and that is ok. Soemtimes life just gets in the way. Just take it all in stride.

  3. Benj Arriola Says:

    Nice, very very very good.

    Now I am never going to run with you. LOL I will just be left behind. Probably Ilya and Meg might still be able to keep up.

  4. SDrunner Says:

    @lindsay Being a hare works for a 5K, but anything longer and I wish I were the tortoise. I feel the same about preferring to run/workout before eating, I just need to do something to really wake myself up in the morning.

    Haven’t seen any negative effects of running 7 vs 6, but my pace has been considerably slower than before. My body hasn’t fallen apart just yet, I’ll definitely take a rest day if needed. Thanks for the advice!

    @diana I’m just happy that I’ve still been able to find time to run on a semi-consistent basis. I think once I get settled at work, running will become more of a bigger focus for me. All in due time 🙂

    @Benj Arriola You may not be able to keep up, but BOL FIT Club was really fun. We had some good times 🙂 Ps Ilya and Meg were never able to keep up LOL


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