Teaching An Old Runner a Lesson

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Tuesday, January 8, 2002
Workout: Easy to Camino
Time: Easy Weather: Sunny/warm

Running up to Camino, we thought it was going to be an easy run, but we were running with an old classmate and he made the workout not as easy as we expected. We ran up hard until Longden and then a couple of them stopped, including the old runner. Frank and I continued to Longden and immediately toned down the pace. Frank said that he killed the old runner, and I thought that was pretty funny. I think it was his first couple of days back to running, and I guess he was trying to show off. We stopped at the 2 mile mark and rested for a while. We then started running back together, but at a much easier pace. At the dirt downhill, Frank slowed down to do something, so I kept running with another runner. But right before the cement, Frank caught up to us and it looked like he was going to kick, so I went with him. I finished the run right before Frank medium, kind of hard. Then, after resting a while, he said we should do strides. Like everyone else, I didn’t want to do it. But it was good for us and it showed discipline and dedication, and it wasn’t that hard anyways. But after running the first stride, a couple of people were talking about our workouts lately. They were saying that we were working too hard and that they might be burning out. I just finished my strides, because we were going to have a tough workout tomorrow, with intervals..


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