Post Intervals, Run on the Trail

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Thursday, January 3, 2002
Workout: 3 Miles Easy/Recovery to Camino
Time: Pretty Good (14 Minutes up) Weather: Sunny/Hot

Today was supposed to be an easy or recovery run on the trail after running intervals from yesterday. However, I guess because he didn’t run yesterday, Andrew decided to go harder. Coming up, at Live Oak, he was running pretty hard. Ha, as usual decided to stay with him. I decided to keep up, since I had a goal of not letting Ha beat me. Raymond also came along to keep things fun. His first day coming back to running and he’s keeping up with us, smiling to the person next to him trying to race. The person who came up first to Camino was Pat, who knew. Coming back, Fernando said we “should” stick together coming back.

However, Eli and Brandon just took off. I was a little ahead of the pack, but when Raymond surged and passed me, I had to try and keep up. It seemed the finish would be Eli, Brandon, Raymond then me, but at Live Oak Raymond stopped for cars. Some were coming, but I just ran across the street. He said he was trying to catch me but was too tired. So once again, I turn an easy workout to a tough one. On a happy note as we were doing strides, I guess Fernando saw me do one and on the other side he told Raymond and the others that I will be good at (or will do) the 800 in track. That felt pretty good having my coach say I will be important in a race. I just hope I can run to his highest expectations.

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  1. Erica Says:

    oh wow, i dont even think im at that level yet


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