2 Mile Run on the Trail on Pace

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Wednesday, January 30, 2002
Workout: Warm-up to the Park, One loop around the park and back to the Tower
Run: 6:30 pace to the Park, then to the 800-meter mark and finish at the Tower (2 Miles)
2 perimeter cooldown
Time: 12:46 (6:23 pace) Weather: Chilly

I thought we were going to run intervals today, and even if they aren’t that hard, I still don’t like them. But I guess that depends on what type of intervals we run. The type of intervals we have been running lately have been mile repeats, which are pretty hard, just because it’s running a mile each time, rather than a shorter faster distance. Today, we were just going to run two miles (at pace) on the Trail. Two miles sounded pretty easy and it was a completely different workout than the mile repeats. The coach said it wasn’t going to be hard, so I was pretty relieved. He kept saying our first half mile was going to be fast, but before we got to that point, we were actually off pace. So we had to pick up the pace a little bit.

Coming up to the one mile mark, we were OK. At 1.5 miles, it was alright and we were below pace, which was good. But coming back for the last half mile either Ha wanted to pick it up or thought we weren’t going to make it on pace so he picked it up. I was just going to let him go and I did until the downhill right before the end of the run. I thought we were behind pace (but we weren’t) so I surged or kicked a little bit to pick it up. When I realized we were OK and actually faster, I slowed down. It’s probably not good to be switching paces back and forth like that, but it was the end of the run anyways. This workout was a lot better than intervals because it was short, pretty easy and different from any other workout we have ran. I just hope we get more into our Track workouts so I can try and focus on more of the short distance speed workouts.


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