Product Review: iSkin DuoBand for iPod Nano 5G

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I was asked to test and review the iSkin DuoBand silicone skin and armband for the iPod 5G, except I didn’t even have a 5G. I do have an iPod 4G, which I got for my birthday (2 months before the new one came about timing). Anyways, when I got the product in the mail, I didn’t know that it was for the 5G and just went ahead and tried it on my iPod.

iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 5G

The first thing I noticed wrong was that the silicone skin had a bigger window, for the bigger screen in the new iPod. The click wheel still fit for my iPod and I was still able to scroll through my iPod fine. When I first got my Nike+, I got an armband that was made of the iPod and Nike+ attachment, but scrolling was impossible with that skin. So the iSkin DuoBand already won in that department. The silicone is pretty thick, so I’m assuming it would protect my iPod if it ever did fall (not going to test that, sorry..). What I also noticed is that the 5G Nano swapped the slot where you charge the iPod and the slot for the headphones for no apparent reason other than to make all older iPod cases and skins obsolete. My Nike+ has been out of commission recently, so it actually isn’t a big deal either. It fits very snug into the armband so I don’t have to be afraid of it slipping off while running. There is also some strange padding behind the armband called the “Comfort Zone” which helps avoid slipping and skin irritation, which was never a problem for me with my other armband, but still a plus to have. The band itself is adjustable, with patches of Velcro so that it fits arms of all sizes. There are also holes all around the band to make it breathable and porous, always nice to have.

iSkin is pretty well known for armbands, iPod cases and whatnot. This is just another one of their new armbands that is great for fitness enthusiasts who like to work out and run with their iPods. It’s nice if you have a Nike+, since there is an opening to put plug it in, just make sure you have an iPod Nano 5G!

Product Info:

  • Premium silicone protector + adjustable armband with Microban® protection
  • Adjustable armband strap sports a breathable soft-silicone ComfortZone™ for comfort and anti-slip support
  • The nano silicone protector guards against scratches, moisture and bumps
  • Integrated click wheel protector keeps it safe and dry
  • Made with Microban® antimicrobial protection, which inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria

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