Easy Run to the Park

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Friday, January 25, 2002
Workout: Run to the Park, do 3 laps and finish back at the Tower (about 2 miles)
Time: Easy Weather: warm


We were standing at the Tower, ready to begin running on the trail, but then some people said that they didn’t feel like running. At the same time, we were randomly talking about a noose that we saw at the park the week before. One of the runners said that she wanted to see it and just started running toward the park, so we followed suit and started running toward the park after her. We were about to head off in the opposite direction towards the trail, but we then decided to go after the other runner to the Park. I guess nobody really wanted to run that day, so this was a good enough alternative. We caught her when we reached the park and then showed her the noose. Since we were already at the park, everybody else decided to run some laps around it, which is about 1000 meters each lap. To finish up the run, we just ran from the park back to the Tower at the beginning of the trail.

We stayed at the Tower for a while, but finally left because we thought the other runner already came back to the campus, but when we got to school, we didn’t see her. So another runner and I went back to the trail to try and find her, but on our way there we saw the other runner walking back to the campus. The whole time before approaching her, we were wondering how she was going to act or feel. We thought she was going to be angry because she thought we ditched her or something. But when we finally met, she was surprisingly happy, and I think I helped a lot by lightening the mood and telling jokes. But she did seem irritated with all the other runners and when we went to the weightroom, I guess she had enough and just stormed off. Today wasn’t much of a run, but more like a day off.


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