Understanding Alzheimer’s

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Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease experience memory loss and confusion, and this can be scary for both the patient and loved ones. One worries about becoming more impaired as well as those around them wondering if they too will one day have it. Fortunately, diet can improve one’s effects of Alzheimer’s along with reducing the chances of having it. There are many books available on the subject.


It is important to understand what causes alzheimers. It is caused by factors that include environment, lifestyle, and genetics. All of these can affect the brain. Even though the exact cause can’t be pinpointed, we do know that this disease causes damage and can kill the brain cells. As more cells die, the brain shrinks.

Helpful Foods

As with any disease, a nutritional diet can help ward off its effects. Berries are excellent at fighting memory loss. Lower rates of Alzheimer’s have been associated with eating certain types of fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, and tuna. All of these are rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. One can find books on helpful diets at Wisconsin Institute of Nutrition, LLP.

Although Alzheimer’s is a very scary disease for its victims and their loved ones, they can do things to ease their suffering. Understanding the causes of the disease along with eating a nutritional diet are both helpful. Reading up on the subject will also bring peace of mind.


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