The Dual Shaker Sports Bottle

I was introduced to a new sports bottle called the Dual Shaker. I’m sure you’ve seen people at the gym use similar products to make their protein shakes. Here is some more info on the Dual Shaker.


So what really is this bottle all about and what is it for?

It is a new, high quality bottle that you can use in mixing drinks by shaking ingredients from a single device. With Dual Shaker, you can easily prepare protein, diet and nutrition drinks anytime everywhere, in the safest way possible (

What are the benefits that I would get from this bottle shaker?

First of all, you can mix fresh and tasteful drinks anytime anywhere. It’s a hassle-free experience I tell you. Second, the bottle is designed in such a way that the ingredients you put in would not lose its potency. Lastly, the 2 secure chambers in the bottle prevent leakages. Benefits, you ask? Benefits you get!

How did you come up with this idea?

I am a self-confessed health buff. I go to the gym on a regular basis and keep an active lifestyle for as long as I can. But let me share with you an experience that has led me to a fun and exciting life venture. Here it goes.

I was working out one fine day. At the end of my session, I decided to grab my bottle shaker inside my bag, only to find my clothes and other stuff swimming in my protein shake. It was a disaster and a hassle at the same time. That was my “aha” moment, right there, hence, the Dual Shaker.

You can even use this cool bottle to prepare your cereals and many other things.

What are you working on at the Chez JJ? What are your next steps?

I would like to innovate how the rest of the world mix ingredients! I use this Dual Shaker every day because I want to represent this change. Also, Dual Shaker will go live at Kickstarter during the next weeks. This campaign will showcase this dynamic bottle shaker that everyone can use and enjoy. Follow us on Facebook to grab the EARLY BIRD deals (www.facebook/DualShaker).

We also have a non-commercial leg called Esymix Nonprofit ( This organization aims reach out to society as a part of our social responsibility advocacy. We offer the free use of the same technology used by Dual Shaker to 3rd world countries. The primary use of the packaging is for mixing medicines for infants and children (such as antibiotics) in the safest way possible. This non-profit organization’s primary goal is to help people through the technology that we have.


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