Strands Training Log iPhone App

Strands just came out with v3.0 of their iPhone and iPod Touch app, calling it the “ultimate iPhone training log”. It will use the GPS in your iPhone or iPod Touch to map your runs, and record your workouts. This includes: current time and pace, as well as elevation data. Acting like a virtual trainer, the app will also give audio cues by distance and time.

Some neat features in the Strands App is the social aspect that allows you to post your workouts to as well as the Geo feature which finds active people around your area or in other parts of the world.

The user interface looks very easy-to-use and pleasing to the eyes. Learn more about all of the features here and download it for free on iTunes.

I know a big name fitness app out there is RunKeeper. I am still iPhone-less so I cannot compare which one is the better iPhone app, but both of these apps seem like they would match up pretty closely.

Strands iPhone App

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