Power Balance Sport Band Bracelet Review

Power Balance Sport Band Bracelet Reviews

The Power Balance sport band bracelet was created in 2007 and has been made popular by many elite athletes around the world, including quite a few notable NBA players. There are quite of few competitors to Power Balance, including the Power Core Bracelet. Reviews for those seem OK too, although I have never personally tried them. I wouldn’t trust buying Power Balance on eBay because I’ve heard that knockoffs are rampant there. Power Balance is performance technology. Each Power Balance bracelet is embedded with a hologram that offers many different features for the user. The Power Balance holograms are designed to work with your body’s natural energy field.

Here are core features of the Power Balance sport band:

  • Improves Flexibility
  • Provides Better Balance
  • Allows Longer Muscle stamina
  • Increases Core Strength

When the hologram in the Power Balance comes in contact with your body’s energy field, it allows your body to interact with the natural, beneficial frequency stored within the hologram resulting in improved energy flow throughout your body. It is made to last with its 100% surgical grade silicone wristband to allow you to go anywhere you do. It is made with a stretch feature that extends easily over your hand and is very comfortable to wear.

Power Balance Review: My Experience

I’ve seen the Power Balance booth at a couple of race expos before, there always seem to be a crowd around it. They do the ‘balance test’ where they make you stand still while they try to push to the side. What will usually happen is the person loses their balance and shuffles their feet. But then they have them holding a Power Balance bracelet and they are able to maintain their balance when pushed. Although it is just a demo, it it supposed to show how the Power Balance sport band bracelet works. I wanted to test it out for myself on my runs and even a race. I tried to notice how well my form and balance was when I was running and may have noticed an improvement. It definitely didn’t make me feel worse. What I can say for sure is that it is no magic bullet. Wearing it will not make you run faster, jump higher, or train harder. But by helping with your balance, strength and flexibility, it can make you a better athlete. I also tried out the Power Balance bracelet for a local 5K and ended up finishing 8th overall, which is pretty impressive, if you ask me. Like I said before, I can’t say that it was only because of the Power Balance, but it may have helped.

Where to Buy the Power Balance

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