MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphone Review

Acoustically advanced MEElectronics M6 series earphones deliver clear, accurate sound from any portable music or DVD player.

When I bought my first iPod back in ~2005, I was so excited to be able to hold that many songs on one player, I didn’t even bother to realize I was listening to the music on sub-par headphones. My roommate at the time had a pair of Sony earbuds and he kept going on about how much better they were than my stock iPod earbuds. I never knew what I was missing out until I actually tried them for myself. So for the next couple of years, I went through a few pairs of those earbuds and more recently, Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds. There were just a few things that I didn’t like with those earbuds. One: they never lasted as long as I would have wanted (which is why I went through so many pairs!). I typically used them for working out and now, mostly for running. Sweat played a big role in the failure of the earbuds. The sweat would either cause the individual earbuds to slip out of my ear during a run (sometimes a race!) and would be a pain to have to put back on. And in even worse conditions, the sweat would cause an individual earbud to stop working (usually temporarily, but sometimes permanently.) I’ve been looking for a nice pair of ‘sport’ earbuds, and I think I have found them with the MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones.

I am in no way, shape, or form an audiophile. Yes, I do enjoy listening to music, but it’s pretty hard for me to tell the difference between good and great quality music. What that means is, I’m not very picky! (Although I do like hearing bass in my music) Like I mentioned before about the stock iPod earbuds, for the longest time, I didn’t notice how bad the sound quality was on those things, until I finally tested out the rest. I don’t want to talk too much about those, but I think one reason why the audio was so bad for me was that the buds didn’t actually fit into my ears! The sound quality on the Sony and Skullcandy earbuds were good, I didn’t really have any complaints with them there. And the same goes with the MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones. The sound is crisp and clear, there is some nice bass behind it, which I like. I didn’t notice any static, distortion or cracking when the volume was too high, which I also liked. Some of the things I was reading about reviews for these headphones were that the quality was great for the price. I usually paid anywhere from $15-40 for earbuds. The MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones fit right within this range and the sound quality is on-par if not above the quality of the other ones I’ve used.

Here’s a quick summary about my previous earbuds. The stock iPod earbuds did not fit into my ears and fell out almost all the time while running. Sony & Skullcandy earbuds fit well and were pretty comfortable but did occassionally slip out of my ear during some of those harder runs where I sweat more than normal. The cool thing about the MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones is the over-the-ear design. So it doesn’t matter how hard ou run, it’ll always stay secure in your ear. I haven’t ran in them long enough to know how it’ll handle excessive sweat, but we’ll see.

Going back to the over-the-ear design, I’ve seen this on other earbuds, but the feature is one set design. The MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones uses what they call stainless steel “memory wire” so you can actually adjust how the wire wraps around your ear. When I first opened the package, the instructions actually showed how you could straighten the wire to use as regular ear bugs (if you were so inclined to do so). But I think this is a really unique feature to tailor to all users and not just one specific type of user with a certain shaped ear.

When I first wrote my review for the Skullcandy earbuds, I mentioned stories of people getting mugged because of their super obvious white iPod earbuds. I haven’t really noticed, but I do prefer black earbuds over white, which may be a good thing. The MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones is a pretty sleek looking product, not dull, but nothing too fancy that’ll make people want to mug you for. But then again, I could be wrong..

The MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones come with quite a few accessories, at least a lot more than some of the other earbuds I have purchased in the past. You get 5 sets of silicone eartips depending on what type of fit you want, how much bass you want, etc. You also get a clamshell case to store the earbuds when not in use. I thought this was a nice thing to offer, although I don’t actually use it very often. Since I use my earbuds on a daily basis, putting them in and taking them out of the case would take too much time. There’s also a shirt clip on the cable, which again is a nice-to-have feature, but I usually run the wire under my shirt to avoid my arms yanking at it while I run.


Final Take
For a pair of earbuds that run along the same price range as some of the major brand names out there, the MEElectronics M6 Sports In-Ear Headphones comes pretty close for its quality, features and accessories. You definitely won’t be disappointed for making this purchase and may be better off too!

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