Jabra Talk Bluetooth Headset Review

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The Jabra Talk is a pretty standard Bluetooth headset that will achieve exactly what you would want in a headset: take calls and listen to music from your Bluetooth enabled phone. The product itself is very nice looking chrome and grey all around and offers great audio quality. I was able to turn the Bluetooth setting on my phone and pair it with the Jabra Talk the first time and all other times after that. Putting it on was a little difficult because the part of the headset that you would normally push into your ear is actually a button. So if you have already started a call, you may accidentally hang up while trying to place the device within your ear.

jabra talkThe Jabra Talk comes with a few different accessories to help customize how you feel most comfortable using the headset. I like the default eargel and hook that wraps around my ear to stay in place. I’ve used the headset to take client calls on my way to work as well as just listen to music while casually using my computer. I haven’t had any issues with the headset during my testing; it is probably the most straightforward Bluetooth headset I have used. Check out my other Jabra headset reviews, if you are looking for a headset with additional features that you may be interested in.

Check out the official details of the Jabra Talk:

  • HD Voice technology ensures precision and crystal-clear sound quality
  • Stream multimedia – GPS, music and podcasts – directly to your headset
  • Voice Announcements™ – Spoken battery and connection status
  • Multiuse™ – connects to 2 Bluetooth® devices simultaneously
  • Automatic Volume adjustment for added convenience
  • On/Off slider control for added convenience
  • Up to 6 hours talk time and up to 8 days standby time

Where to Buy:

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