FlashBrite Stick-On Reflective Patches Product Review

FlashBrite stick-on reflective patches are more or less reflective stickers that you use when you want to be seen at night. They are made from 3M Scotchlite Relfective Material, can stick (and be re-used) on various surfaces including your clothes, shoes, etc. and can be seen from over 1000 feet away (probably depends on the light source). They come in many different styles to make it a fun toy for kids want to use and decorative to match whatever outfit you may have on.

The FlasBrite stick-on reflective patches are a quick and easy way to ensure that you can be seen at night. This is especially important to me as a runner and cyclist since we come in such close contact with drivers on the road and may not always stand out to them. I used to run more often at night and this is one of the things that worried me as a runner. Wearing one of these reflective patches can definitely provide some ease of mind when you’re out at night.

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