Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket Review

I was recently given the opportunity to test and review the Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket, a 3-layer fabric shell jacket that is waterproof, windproof and ultrabreathable. The problem with living in San Diego is that there are not as many situations where the jacket may come in handy versus any other area in the country. Fortunately, I was able to take the jacket out to a few early morning runs and even a few runs in the rain (surprisingly).

The Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket was able to retain my body heat and keep me warm during those cold morning runs, but as the run became more intense, helped expel any sweat to let my body breathe. And during those rainy runs, the jacket helped protect myself from the wind and elements as well as keep my body dry from the rain. It is a very versatile shell jacket that should come in handy in almost any cold or winter outdoor activity. I’m already looking forward to the snowboarding season when I can fully utilize all of the neat features of this jacket and not to mention stand out and be found in such a stylish jacket!


Omni-Dry Ultrabreathable Waterproof

The Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket is known for quite a few features, but the one that stands out the most is the use of a new technology called Omni-Dry. It is a very air permeable, waterproof fabric which transfer moisture vapor out of the jacket at a very high rate but at the same time be used as wind and waterproof protection.

The problem I have about wearing jackets during a run is that after a while, the heat buildup is too great and then I’m forced to take off and hold the jacket or find some place to put it. Continuing to wear it makes for a very uncomfortable run, depending on how much I’m sweating. But with the Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket and its Omni-Dry technology, “air is able to circulate through the fabric, helping to regulate the conditions in the garment and keep excess moisture from collecting inside, while still maintaining its wind blocking properties.”

For the rest of the features, I will illustrate with a shot of it on the actual jacket, followed by a brief description.

Front & Security Pockets & Zippers

When zipped up, it’s actually hard to tell that there is even a pocket there thanks to what Columbia calls Invizzip. Zippers are waterproof and offer a very secure seal to prevent any rain or water from getting in.

This security pocket is great for your cell phone, mp3 player, keys and a number of other small items you need secured in your jacket. Because the zipper is waterproof and really seals in any item in the pocket, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to the contents. This would have been very helpful when I ran my last marathon in the pouring rain and had my iPod die on me.

A nice feature on the Columbia Peak 2 Peak Jacket is offering an inside fabric cover over the main zipper. So even if you have the jacket zipped up completely, you will not have to worry about the cold zipper irritating yourself from the inside.

In addition, the main zipper goes all the way up to the top of the jacket, which allows you to cover your mouth on those extra cold days. Combine that with the hood and drawstrings fully utilized and you literally have your head covered during those extreme outdoor adventures!

Adjustable Storm Hood

The tip of the hood uses a wire brim that helps keep the hood in place while you’re wearing as well as offer a way to adjust to suit your needs and preferences. When adjusted properly, it’s a great way to keep rain out of your eye and face. In addition, there are various drawstrings around the hood to adjust to your head size, which is a nice feature. Reminds of the time when baseball caps use to be ‘one size fits all’ but is now ‘one size fits most!’

Vented Underarm Zips

What do you do if your body is giving out too much heat? Easy, ventilate it! Columbia’s Peak 2 Peak Jacket offers very convenient two-way vented underarm zippers. In addition to letting heat out of your body, it allows colder air from the outside come in to help cool the body down. Tiny little fabric holds help keep yourself from getting ‘too much’ fresh air, which is nice.

Final Thought

It’s obvious that Columbia put a lot of thought and consideration when developing the Peak 2 Peak Jacket. The Omni-Dry fabric itself is such unique feature that not all shell jackets can offer. But also add in the Invizzip technology for its front and security pockets, vented underarm zips and more. Like I said early, this really is a great all-around jacket that you can wear for your early morning rainy runs, as well as any other outdoor activity you can think of.

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