Agloves Touch Screen Gloves Review

I was recently asked by Agloves to test and review their touch screen gloves, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ll explain why below..

Problem: After a sun-less summer that was filled with overcast skies and near-abandoned beaches, the winter weather has arrived with cold temperatures and even some drizzles, which is unheard of here in SD. I have been biking to work at least twice a week for the past couple of months. It was so cold while biking to work last week, it torture on my hands! It made that 10-mile ride even harder than it had to be. I also got my very first smartphone and have been using that constantly since I got it a couple of weeks ago. Top that off with early morning Black Friday shopping! I was in a desperate need to keep my hands warm at all times. This is where the Agloves comes into the picture.

Solution: When I first heard about the Agloves touch screen gloves, I thought to myself, ‘why aren’t these types of gloves more common?’ I did a couple of searches for touch screen gloves and I guess there are available and some other DIY versions. The concept is similar for most solutions: Silver. But the implementation is where the Agloves stands above the rest.

At first glance, you’ll think that the Agloves are just a regular pair of (silver/black) polyester gloves. And when you put them on, it’ll feel like that too. But what you probably can’t tell, even by looking closely is that the silver looking things in the gloves is, you guessed it, Silver! “Silver fibers are knitted throughout the entire glove..” Some of the makeshift touch screen gloves I saw online make it so that you can use a touch screen device with just your thumbs and index fingers, but the Agloves allows use of all 10 fingers for tablet PCs like the iPad (on my wish list!).

Does it Work: Yes! It’s that’s simple. I actually have a pair of ‘regular gloves’ and tried using my smartphone with them on and failed miserably. I then put on the Agloves and was able to use the smartphone with no issues. It recognized my touch every single time and I was texting (Swyping, actually) right away; it was pretty amazing. It makes me want to walk around in public with my phone to see if people would be as impressed as I was with the Agloves.

Another neat thing you can do with the Agloves is use them as a glove liner during extreme weather sports. This is another plus for me because I am an avid snowboarder and the season is just about to get started! What I used to have to do when I was getting a call or needed to make one while snowboarding: stop, sit down, take off one or both snowboard gloves, and then get my hands ice cold while using the phone. It was definitely a hassle!

Did You Know: “Ag” is the symbol for silver on the periodic table and is the most conductive element. Take a guess at where the name of the gloves came from. I’ll give you a hint: Agloves.

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