Review: Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin, GlacierGel & Blister Medic

After running my first half marathon, I was rewarded with a feet full of blisters! There are many reasons why I got the blisters including: shoes had less support, insoles were worn out, temperatures were hotter than normal, wore wrong socks etc. Whatever the reason, I knew that it was necessary to find a solution to prevent blisters from ever forming, but also treat them if I ever do get them again.

Adventure Medical Kits sent a whole assortment of blister prevention and treatment producs. Learn about the Moleskin blister dressings for blister prevention,  GlacierGel adhesive dressings for blister treatment and the Blister Medic, the complete blister solution.

Moleskin: Pre-Cut Blister Dressings (Blister Prevention)

  • Super soft flannel prevents friction on hot spots.
  • Superior adhesive backing keeps dressings on skin longer.
  • Pre-cut holes to build up Moleskin around blister to prevent rubbing and eliminate pain.
  • Alcohol wipes for cleaning and drying area before applying.

The first thing I noticed about the Moleskin is the fabric on the outside of the adhesive. I suppose that is why it is called Moleskin. If you know exactly where you usually get blisters, this product works out very well to prevent blisters. All you do is apply the Moleskin on the areas of your feet that will most likely develop a blister. They are already pre-cut so you don’t need scissors with you and they will fit and prevent blisters from forming on the hard-to-bandage areas of your feet. When I got my blisters after running my first half, I got blisters around the balls of my feet. But when I ran in high school, I actually got them on the heels of my feet, so it definitely varies. You can also apply the Moleskin on your feet if you begin to develop a “hot spot” (right before a blister forms). The Moleskin is a great way to be proactive and prevent blisters before forming. But if you do happen to get a blister, you will need to rely on the GlacierGels.

GlacierGel: Blister & Burn Dressings (Blister & Burn Treatment)

Advanced 50% Water (sterile) Hydrogel Dressing provides instant and complete pain relief. Waterproof and breathable to protect wound while it heals – lasts up to 4 days!

  • Immediately relieves pain
  • Cushions and protects blisters
  • Cools and moisturizes burns
  • Ultrathin and transparent

The GlacierGel works very well for treatment of blisters, hot spots as well as minor burns (instantly cools and moisturizes the burn). As noted in the product info, each adhesive has 50% water with patented hydrogel. It is cushioned, absorbent, breatheable and lasts up to 4 days to allow your blisters to completely heal. One thing I hate about using regular band-aids is that they usually just fall off after taking a shower. But adhesive keeps the GlacierGel on and is waterproof so it won’t fall off! I like how the GlacierGel works right away, every time I’ve gotten a blister, even though you’re not in extreme pain, it does bother for quite some time. But immediately after using the GlacierGel, you won’t even notice you have a blister!

BlisterMedic: Complete First Aid for your Feet (Blister Prevention & Treatment)

This kit is a combination of the Moleskin for blister prevention and GlacierGel for blister treatment. This kit is all you will ever need for blisters. What is nice about both products is that they are already pre-cut for blisters of all sizes. Having this kit is very handy to keep with you, before or after a blister forms. They both come with alcohol wipes to help prevent any infections while your blisters are healing.

Blisters form in any and all outdoor activities, sometimes they are bound to develop. But with the help of Adventure Medical Kits’ Moleskins and GlacierGels, you can prevent them from ever developing again, but also treat them if they do happen to form. The BlisterMedic is your all-in-one blister solution that you’ll ever need.

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