Light the Night 5K

Posted on Nov 04, 2012 under Race | No Comment

The Light the Night 5K was the 3rd race in 3 weeks and was actually the hardest of the 3 races that I ran. Initially, I thought I’d do really well since it was a night race. Results: 21:21 (6:52 min/mile), 19/71 AG, overall 76/1353. The time and placing isn’t bad, per se, I just didn’t feel good throughout the entire race and almost puked at the very end. But it was definitely all my fault. I had a late lunch (Thai noodles, around 4PM, race at 7PM) and I didn’t have much water prior to the race. I actually like running at night, when I used to train after work, I would always run a lot faster than when I ran before work. I’m pretty sure it was because my body was not fully awake in the morning, so it took a while to really get into the run. For night runs, on the other hand, I’ve been awake all day; I’ve had food and may even have stored up energy/stress to release.

Like the color run, the Light the Night 5K was for a good cause (SD Crime Stoppers). It was a night time run, which I’ve never done before and they handed out glow sticks to wear during the race! It was the weekend before Halloween too, so quite a few people dressed up on costumes. In terms of pace, I started off way too fast which really hurt me the rest of the way: 6:36, 7:05, 7:01. I had a little bit of energy left at the end and was hoping to finish strong, but my late lunch was felt like it was coming back out and I was doing my best just to hold it in.


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