LA Marathon & Carlsbad 5000 Race Photos

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I’ve said this before, but I don’t usually post race photos for a couple of reasons. 1. it seems repetitive to show pictures of you running in a race (unless you can get in front of a scenic/notable background) 2. I usually look like I’m going to die..literally & figuratively (I’m all business: no smiles, thumbs ups, peace signs etc.)

But since LA was so ridiculous (found another post with videos) and I got some nice footage from Carlsbad, I thought I’d post..Enjoy šŸ™‚

Found these hi-res images from an LA Times post.

I ran into quite a few puddles which resulted in soggy shoes for most of the race.

iPod actually died halfway through the race, bad idea. Fortunately, my phone survived šŸ™‚

It’s actually not raining at this point, huh?

I don’t look pleased to see the camera..

Raining again, have to squint to look ahead..


This is either a very low point for me in the race and/or it’s raining so hard, I have no other choice but to keep my head down..

By this point, clothes and shoes are just weighing me down. But look at those dedicated spectators in the back, very brave!

Hands down, single most gratifying moment in my running career. Period.

Pain. Relief. Joy. Exhausted. Emotional. You name it..

Carlsbad 5000

Conditions between these two races were night and day. The difference a couple of weeks and running 100 miles away in (always) sunny San Diego does šŸ™‚

Check out the events in San Diego so you will know what sporting events you can join in the future.

Although, just 3.1 miles, it is still a tough run..

I like this shot, nice view of the few guys beating me, but even MORE runners I beat and of course, the (clock) time above.

As tired as I am at the end of a race, I still make the effort to stop my watch as I cross the finish. And what’s up with the guy in front, it looks like he’s crossing the line as if there’s imaginary tape just for him, uh no..

Carlsbad 5000 Finish

I’ve seen a couple of race finish videos before, but this is probably the best one I’ve seen of myself. Notice my arms flailing about as if they were unattached to my shoulders.

2 Responses to “LA Marathon & Carlsbad 5000 Race Photos”

  1. lindsay Says:

    i love those shoes-in-water pics. pretty cool. always nice to get a finish photo stopping your watch :-p

  2. tammy Says:

    Man, those first few pics from LA give me goose bumps. AWESOME!


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