Holiday Shopping for Runners

Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I found this photo (above) a while ago on Tumblr that I thought was worth sharing (although we’re actually less than 7 days away from Christmas now). Everybody is usually in a more festive and happy during this time of year (unless you’re stuck at the mall trying to finish up your holiday shopping). Recently, my siblings and I have been doing Secret Santa instead of having to get each sibling an individual gift. This is so much better for obvious financial reasons, but it makes shopping for gifts a lot less stressful. We also did a wishlist this year, so I had to do some research to give some gift ideas to whoever was my secret santa. There are many different running websites to buy gear and accessories from, one such example is Northern Runner which has a wide selection of running shoes, clothes and other fun gear that I would love. I pretty much have all the running shoes and clothes, I would need, but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to have just a few more. The ONE drawback to secret santa is that I’ll only be receiving one gift (or gifts from one person), but it’s not that big of a deal. I usually don’t know what gifts to ask for anyways, and whatever I don’t receive this year, I can just use the money that would normally go to gifts to all my siblings and get them myself. Either way, this should be a very fun and well deserved holiday break.

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