Diet Trends Through the Years [Medifast Infographic]

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I’ve always wanted to try going on a diet. I’m not overweight and I exercise daily, but I rarely watch what I eat and most of the stuff I do eat is quite unhealthy. I know people who never exercise, but do maintain healthy diets and are in very good shape. The reason why I would want to try going on a diet is to see if I can actually stick with it. I’ve been on training programs which have been quite difficult, but if I need to follow a strict diet, can I really resist eating all of the foods I was used to before? I don’t know. And like I said before, I’m not overweight, but I just got a digital scale and have been checking my weight every morning (and sometimes in the evening). It’s interesting to see how much my weight fluctuates depending on what I ate that day and if I ran that morning.

Medifast California published a very interesting infographic about the diet trends through the years. I’ve heard of most of them, but like I said before, never tried any. If I were to try one of these diets on the list, it’d probably be the Mediterranean Diet, since it looks like the most normal diet (and easiest to transition to). Those bizarre ones are crazy, I’ve heard about the tapeworm diet, that’s just dieting to the extreme! Check out the infographic below!


Diet Trends Infographic

3 Responses to “Diet Trends Through the Years [Medifast Infographic]”

  1. Lisa M. Says:

    This is a very intriguing infographic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. raymond Says:

    i like a mix of the paleo and Mediterranean diet. what about a little bit of everything, but in moderation.


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