10 Super Cheap Ways to Decorate and Organize Your Home

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Trying to decorate your apartment, but stuck with a slim-to-nothing budget? Don’t worry! There are plenty of simple, cheap ways to give your home a boost. Read on for tips and shop here if you’re a sports fan!

1. Gather your personal photos, magazine cutouts, and favorite prints to create a gallery wall – no frames needed! Need more images? Pull out photo pages from yearly calendars that you’re no longer using.

2. If you love fashion, hammer a thin nail into the wall and display your favorite frocks on pretty hangers. You can also display your favorite jeans by securing a towel rack to the wall and hanging jeans from their belt loops on hooks.

3. Can’t find the perfect window treatments in affordable prices? Use fabric shower curtains instead!

4. Create a makeshift bracelet holder out of old wine bottles by piling the bracelets over the neck of the bottle.

5. Browse secondhand shops for a vintage folding rack, which can be used for a host of things, from holding scarves to storing towels.

6. During the winter, your sarongs and thin scarves probably go unused. Put them to work by using them as tablecloths for end tables and colorful accents on chairs and couches.

7. Do you have a tiny bathroom with limited storage space? Throw a clear shoe holder over the door and use it to organize your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and brushes.

8. Knobs are super cheap to buy and they can be nailed to the wall to serve as hangers for bags, scarves, coats, and more.

9. Turn a small mirror into a tray and arrange books, perfume bottles, scented lotions, and candles on top of them.

10. If you’re in college or you have a home office, you probably have schedules, calendars, and other printouts that you need to glance at several times during the day. Print them out on sturdy paper and hang them from laundry clips for a shabby chic look.

If you’re not in love with your home, don’t wait until you move to be happy with your surroundings. Invest some time in making your home a place you love to be – it costs much less than you think it will.


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