Air: A Runner’s Most Important Accessory

When I was younger, I had a classmate who had a mild case of asthma. Every now and then I would see him use an inhaler while participating in outdoor activities. I never knew the mechanics behind inhalers, so I just thought that it was a can of air that my classmate was putting into his body. This led me to my next incorrect assumption that a non-asthmatic person can take advantage of an inhaler by getting more oxygen when they needed it; for example, during some type of strenuous exercise, like running.

Years later, that idea seemed to come into fruition with Oxygen 4 Energy. Here is the official information regarding the product: with Oxygen 4 Energy, now you can stop feeling tired and exhausted during your training sessions, and completely eliminate the fatigue that is inhibiting your performance and slowing your muscle gains. The fact that you are not physically able to give your 100% effort in every training session, every set and every single rep, is slowing down your growth and keeping you from all of the potential progress from your hours spent training. The ‘ingredients’ are pretty straightforward: (95% pure) oxygen! The uses are unlimited: oxygen for sports, fitness, hangovers, altitude acclimation, stress and more.


To put the product to test, I went for a long run with a can of Oxygen 4 Energy. I waited until later on in the run when I started to get tired to see if it had an effect on the rest of my run, either positive or negative. Around mile 4 I sprayed 2 separate bursts into my mouth and to be honest, I was quite surprised. I thought I was going to feel some type of tingling or weird feeling as I inhaled. But since you’re basically spraying air into your mouth, it was the same feeling as sucking in an inflated balloon. Before I used the Oxygen 4 Energy, I wanted to pick up my pace to get extra tired; you can see where I started to speed up. Although it was hard to tell if the oxygen was the reason, I was able to keep a faster pace the latter part of my run compared to the beginning. I think it I would need to test it out a few more times on more runs, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to continue using Oxygen 4 Energy in the future.

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