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Why You Should Encourage Your Child to Be Curious but Cautious

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When you encourage your child to be curious but cautious, you are allowing them to explore the world while implementing safety techniques. Teach them to be wary of strangers, but give them a creative outlet to come to their own conclusions about life and people.

Healthy Curiosities Open Doors for New Learning Experiences

A healthy curiosity is something like wondering how many fireflies you can catch in a single night, then releasing them all at once to create a twinkling wave. Things like this help children thrive in science and nature, while opening the proverbial door to more questions and greater learning experiences.

Encourage Your Child to Question the World Around Them

Rather than telling your child what they should do or believe, allow them to come to their own conclusions by asking questions about the world around them. Adults often feel pressure to conform to their surroundings, but children should feel undaunted by society norms. An expressive, curious child becomes a creative, fulfilled adult. Read the rest of this entry »

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